Sunday, June 21, 2015

Snail Tastes Like Squid.. Sorta. But Like Snail

Our elevator doesn't work this week... we live on the 13th floor haha... but my calves are killer.

I ate a snail and a chickens heart this week. So that's something. 

STORY OF THE WEEK. Here we were teaching a lesson, and the investigator gives us these things that look like juice boxes but are actually tea. I just put mine to the side and keep talking. A few minutes go by and I hear a sluuuuuuuurrrp sluuuurrrrrpp. I look over and my companion is sipping the remains of the empty carton! I totally forgot that the writing was in Chinese and that I should tell her! So week one and I have my trainee breaking the Word of Wisdom. Sorry President. 

The next day the APs called us and asked Sister Howard if she had eaten any weird foods yet. She was like, "nah just the tea." Elder Peele busted out laughing and was like, "soooo Sister Wawro?". Ya.

INVESTIGATORS. But this week was great! We were on FIRE! Like Katnis. We had ten new investigators! We added three families! Hopefully they all get baptized and sealed! Everyone had a super cool story! 
  1. This woman was contacted by the Elders and she was super sad because she hadnt been to church in years and was really feeling it, so they prayed with her and then sent us over to read scriptures with her- so of course we gave her and her teenage daughters Book of Mormons! They're great. 
  2. We went to a former's address because there was no phone number. She answers the door and just hugs us!!!! And welcomes us in to teach her and her two sons. She was super sad no missionaries had come for awhile!
  3. We last night were contacting at the park with no luck, when a man stops us and tells us we can get free soda (its an outdoor concert) and we start talking to him. He was also a former investigator who joined a different church! We talked forever but he finally agreed to bring his whole family to church to read the Book or Mormon with us this Thursday! PRAY FOR THEM!
  4. And lastly we stopped by another investigators shop to follow-up on her Book of Mormon reading (which was our second back plan btw) and her friend in the shop was like, "Oh I went to your church once and met missionaries". Long story short she is meeting with missionaries again. 
Prayer is real! We specifically prayed to teach families and wow did they come! We are so excited!

TRAINING. Also, I feel so old! I do things in Taiwan that I dont even notice, and I think it's normal. My traniee asks me all these questions and I'm like..oh ya.. this is is a learned behavior huh... oh ya... we did have that in the states.. ya no.. we dont have that there. like:
  1. Doors that have seals on the perimeters
  2. Trash trucks you don't have to personally take your trash out too
  3. AC that we keep on all day, so its cool when we come home
  4. Walmart, or anything like it. 
  5. Enforced traffic laws
  6. Toilet paper instead of napkins
  7. Eggs cartons that reclose shut
  8. Stairs for human feet (not Mayan feet)
  9. Ever being barefoot
  10. Milk, real  milk
  11. Cheese
  12. Butter for her Mac n' Cheese (its not bad with soy milk)
  13. Any recollection of which artist sings what song
  14. USDA certified beef. 
  15. Certified meat at all (I forgot we did that actually)
It's fun to see my companions face when she tries new foods. We fed her some shaved ice! She didnt like it and I couldnt figure out why! Its dessert! And then I remembered that inside was a bunch of green beans and flour chewy Japenese ball things... and it was butterscotch and ya. She'll get used to it though. 

But my comp is great! I'm just encouraging her to do hard things and she does them herself. I'm like, "Ya I think you could call phones and talk in Chinese! Go for it! You got it!" And then she just does it! Its that easy! And after she does it I'm like.. wow ya that was brave. No way I wouldnt done that on week one haha. Shhhhhhhhhhh

So mostly one the outside I'm like this:

But on the inside is this little voice saying:

ANYWAYS I LOVE YOU ALL! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Thank you so much for all your prayers! We feel them and love! Remember Heavenly Father loves you and that love never changes! 
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