Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Do Not Eat Spleen, Thank You

Matthew got married. Congratulations. Moving on. 


So today is a big day! Beeeeeecause Jasmine is getting married! So Sister Xie and I are going all the way to GangShan to see her baptisms! WHHOOOOO They told us last night that we would performing at the baptistism (Sister Xie and I) so we have to whip something up this afternoon. No problem. But yayyy president gave me permission to go! I am so stocked. 

Someone tried to feed me a heart in a soup this week.. Ya no, there was no way. The second she turned around I plopped that heart and that spleen back in the pot. Who eats boiling soup when its 100 degrees outside anyways?

IM A FACEBOOK MISSIONARY! Okay so I thought I would hate it. Seriously, I mean so distracting right? Like some kind of missionary torture. But! Turns out I actually love it. President is inspired. It is so so so useful for following up with people and teaching them lessons while they are abroad! And I can chat with family and my baptized investigators!? President sure trusts his missionaries. :)All of my PR knowledge is starting to slowly come back to me... lets go social media! 

This morning I made my companion sing all the American songs in the English hymnbook and explained to her why the American Revolution was divinely inspired and why it was the greatest nation on the earth. She agreed with me :) And then was rather upset that Taiwan was not the promised land... But God's always had a covennant people, what can I say ;)。

 Three things about PingDong:
  1. Its so so hott. Omgsh its hard to breathe it is so hot. And its barely May.
  2. Apparently this town in known for fireworks- there is a Disney quality show about every other night.. for no reason really. 
  3. We finally have a toilet handle and running water!!! Yay now at least one of two toilets work. 
Funny Note* This week I could not figure out how to explain Olmpics to my companion. No explanation of sports of competition were working. So, I starting drawing five big circles in the air with my finger. That didnt work. So, I started belting, "BUMMMBUMMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUM!"The Olympic song! In which case my companion burst out laughting, along with all the little bystanders... what can I say, I get the laughs in Chinese. 

Thats about all except, oh wait. JASMINE GETTING BAPTIZED TODAY! Dont worry, pictures are coming to facebook tomorrow. 

Love you all! 

Sister Wawro

hey give you rolls and tea at the hosptials here.. dont know why. But Sister Geddes was loving it.

Also, the view from my apartment. There are mountians you can that day!Most days you cant。 Smog。 

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