Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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I just realized two seconds ago today is my seventh month mark... Gosh I'm so old and wise.  Quick, someone take counsel from me. 

Just kidding. Guess what!  I’m moving again today!  Again, so that makes... 9 companions,  4 areas, and all in 7 months (not including the MTC). Hmm. I am a nomad (sounds kinda poetic doesnt it?).  CLEARLY Heavenly Father knows I need to learn from a lot of different people lol.  I'm starting to think I'd feel itchy being with one person too long in one place. I've never had a companion longer than 9 weeks. It's sorta kinda fun. So many friends. 

So here's the deal: New missionaries come in this week, so the whole mission is being reorganized. There are about 15 sisters?  We barely have that many to train so some American companions will have native companions and all kinds of things. Its going to be fun. Then in a couple weeks we get more.  Crazy.  So everyone is moving this week or next.  I was told I'm going to Tanzi for a week with a sister who is going home soon, and then will go back to my old original area with a new companion.   A new mystery companion.  Ooooo thrilling no? My mission life is a soap opera.  Tune in next week on "the blog" to see who it is. 

So about that plane crash in Taiwan a couple weeks ago: apparently the Taibei mission president, his wife, the assistants, and two other companionships were all booked on that flight, and changed it last minute. .. yup. Crazy. God watches out. 

  1. They blow up fireworks all night. Yup.  I'm really well rested. 
  2. They make you drink vinegar to help with "digestion". But its really a plot because I never see them drink it themselves, lol. 
  3. It’s socially unacceptable to refuse anything they give you. Vinegar and all. 
  4. You may not leave the table until you eat every.   single.   dish.  Those straight butter rolls included.  Yup. 
  5. Its mostly delicious. 

  1. The bread here has lard in it to make it soft. LARD.  What kind of sick joke is that?  Who does that?  Sick. 
  2. Zhao and Zao.  Shi, Si, Zi.  They are all the same sound with a Taiwanese accent.  Good luck learning this language.  lol
  3. Sometimes bugs fly into your eyes while your riding your bike and get stuck.  But you have to keep riding. 
  4. Everyone who says they understand 100% of the language is a fake and cannot be trusted (accept Sister Henderson, who we went on exchanges again with. Because she's fabulous).  Also, Faking it is about 70% of getting this language down.  Fake fake fake nod nod nod smile smile smile- they will say something if you keep them talking and you'll start to get what they are saying. Genius. 
  5. Not even the Taiwanese understand Chinese. So we don't need to feel bad when they don't understand what we are saying. 
  6. Also, Sister Sears has been teaching me how to box. Way fun.  Doing that when I get home. 
  • My companion told me she wanted to learn to harmonize to hymns so I told her, "great, but first you wax my bike.  We start tomorrow."  Now every time she does well with harmonizing I whisper, "wax on, wax off." 
  • Sister Sears and I have the same shoes (because we are two stylish peas in a pod).  Our Taiwanese companion was like so... Did the MTC give you those shoes?  Because I think they forgot mine."  We laughed so hard trying to tell her that the church didn’t jip her of shoes.
  • While we were at Seven Eleven I was like, "Hey Sister Sears, look, Seven Eleven has cameras for thieves... like you."  Haha I don't know how funny she thought it was [see last week's story if you don't get it]. 
  • We were at a lesson last night and my companion asked a woman what her job was- she said to guess- and Sister Sears guessed Math teacher.  The woman looked startled and asked how Sister Sears immediately knew.  Sister Sears told her it was the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I leaned over and said, "awww the force is strong with this one" and we both started laughing. Then, all of the Asians started laughing. But, we knew there was no way they understood, so we started laughing at their fake laughter, which made them laughed hard, which made us laugh harder. Awww Chinese saving face is the best. 
  • We went to a lesson after a HUGE lunch, and we had to be at another dinner in an hour.  So, we walk into this lesson and this woman just has food out.  Food out everywhere.  And butter rolls (omgsh the calories).  And Sister Sears is like, no I'm not doing it.  I cant"  So she points to some origami things and is like, "hey can you teach me how to make that while we talk?" Well we do, but it turns out we are actually learning to fold things to burn at ancestor worship... So here we are teaching about the restored gospel and making things to be burned to idols... not a position I saw myself in when I got up that morning. lol

SOMETIMES I really want to write more about investigators and the miracles we are seeing in their lives, but a lot of that is confidential.  So- when one gets baptized hopefully in the next couples weeks I will be able to tell you all a lot more!!! 

Spiritual Share: 
This week I had a friend write me saying, "I dont have enough energy to move my life forward and spend my energy on the past at the same time. " I also had an old roommate write me and tell me about Elder Hollands talk when he said, "Don't take counsel from your fears." Wow are those both things I can better apply to my life. I was reading a few months ago ine the Bible Dictionary and it says. “Fear is not something worthy of a child of God.”  Wow... did that slap me in the face.  Not that we shouldnt fear, but that it was living so far below our privledges?  Literally everything we could worry about can be fixed or solved in the eternal scheme of things.  Everything we want is in the future, ahead of us, and not the past.  The more we study fear, the more we'll find that God condemns it.  He has matchless power.  And he's already got all your problems all worked out. In fact, he's just asked that you keep the commandments and stay for the ride so He can grow you into what He needs you to be.  It is practically the best deal ever. 

And I know He really does already plan and work everything out for us. He knows what we need far before we pray and ask for it. He loves you. You and the Lord are the majority. 

Remember: Attitude is half the battle. 

Love you all
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

I tried to teach my Taiwanese companion "Howdy Partner." It didn't quite catch on.

I have the best companionship in the whole world. One Taiwanese who is super sweet and one American who is super awesome and super funny. Life is good. 


So my companion stole. 

Its was before we were companions, but she's still basically an outlaw on the run, afraid she'll be put in a Taiwanese jail (and believe me, you should be afraid of that). Here's the story:

She and her companion were going hiking with a less-active member. She was already out by the bus stop, waiting, when the member calls and said, "hey it's gunna rain. You need a rain jacket." And she went inside the Seven Eleven to grab a raincoat. She's looking at the raincoats when her companion screams, "The BUS IS HERE!" So she SPRINTS and bangs on the bus door, it stops, and they hop in and go on. 

Then she looks down. Oh no. Because what is stuffed into the outside pocket of her bag? Yup. Two raincoats. And there is no Seven Eleven in sight. 

She freaks out a little because one (1) she stole, (2) she stole as a missionary and (3) jail is scary. 

She cant speak a lot of Chinese at this point, but she decides its best to go back to the store and make a go at an apology. She she refolds it all to make it look really pretty and new and returns. 

So she goes back, puts the coats on the counter, and says. "Bu Hoa Yisi" which literally means' "Bad meaning" but it it used for like "excuse me" and "how embarrassing". So she says, "Bu Hao Yisi, I stole this morning." And the really grumpy guy says, "I know... I saw you on the video." 

Then he proceeds to show her on the camera. There she is looking at the coats, and literally .5 seconds she is breaking into a full stride elongated sprint towards the door, and the employees heads just turn. They just figured she REALLY needed those rain coats. 

The employees actually thought it was hilarious and apparently watched it again and again lol. 


(1) So we had miracles this week. First, we were terrified our investigator would not come to the baptism because she was not answering our calls, but she showed up right at seven when it started! She also scared us again when we couldn't find her at church to be confirmed and wouldn't answer her phone! When we finally gave up and went in to tell the bishop she wouldn't be there, loo and behold she was sitting in the pews! My body cant take the stress haha. 

(2)  We met a girl on Saturday; she came to church on Sunday- but she came for the wrong time. So, she just waited for us. !!!  For three hours. At the church. And then attend church with us when we arrived. Also, the Book of Mormon we gave her Saturday? Ya, she put it in a protective case. The prayer we asked her to do? She prayer for two hours. She said, "God and I just had a to talk about." Yes, she is a little golden miracle and yes she has a baptism date.


"If you ever wondered if it was possible to crush up fish eggs and dry them like fruit leather, the answer is yes. But it doesn't mean you should try to do it. And you don't have to give it to your friends."

And I think that about sums up our diet here. This week is Chinese New Years. We have over ten buffets set up with members... we aren't allowed to say no and each one is about ten hours. My companion and I have a very rigorous exercise plan set up and we aren't buying grocers this week, but it wont be enough. And Elder told me he gained 13 pounds in one week last year. Oh heaven help us. 

Prayers people. I need prayers. 

No like seriously put a self-time on your phone or something. 


You know, I've been thinking a lot about how to be more of a consecrated missionary or how to work harder, and I've just discovered God is way too good. Every time we pray for specific miracles as missionaries, it literally happens. The second miracle this week was a result of a specific prayer. I was praying so hard last transfer for specific help with Chinese and now I have a fantastic American companion and a Chinese native. No one else gets that experience after training, I mean no one. 

I feel like every day I just am so humbled. None of us really really speak this language well, and at least we can't write it, but every day I just tell Heavenly Father, "okay I have this and this meager ability. Do what you will with them." And every day he says, "Sister Wawro, I can do miracles with that". And he does. Because I, Ashley, in this country, and with this language, can do almost nothing. And He is so forgiving and gives me so much grace. 

I think and hope this mission will be the most humbling experience of my life. Heavenly Father has really been helping me be stripped of all pride and bringing me low. Maybe someday after he'll build me up again after. 

I hope that you all know how much Heavenly Father is willing to help, and to forgive. Completely forgive. He is far too too good, and it almost leaves me amazed. I pray you will each take full advantage of the atonement to feel his grace for yourselves, sot hat you can gain a more full testimony of it, and invite others to do so. May you be a living testimony of what is grace can do. 

I love you all. I have a long list of people from home I pray for every day. You really are in my heart. Much love, 

Sister Wawro 

Baptisms! And a toilet restaurant... they have themed restaurants here. This was not my first choice either... I didn't really eat much, lets just say that

Also I spent about five minutes laughing at my two parents different reactions the the ducks in the pool. I know who loves the ducks and who doesn't: 

from Dad... 
The ducks are back!  Living at the pond (your swimming pool) in the back yard.  Koda runs out multiple times as day  not to chase them away but to say hi to his long lost friends.  What a watch dog!

from Mom... 
The ducks are back in the pool. Dirty birds, they are messy things.
No, they may not stay this year!!!!

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So this week has been like a sitcom. 

First of all. I have not laughed so hard in months. I mean mooooonths. So much that I refuse to drink things around Sister Sears for the fear that I will spit up water. 

You think I'm being obsessive. I'm not. Its happened three times already. 

Seriously the only other person who makes me laugh this hard is Rachel Paxton. I laughed so hard I was crying last night.  Crying.  And that's happened like every night in a row. 

New Companions: 
So! I am in a trio again! Lol because my trainer went home. Its okay because woot hello to getting work done fast, just the way I like it. One of the sisters is Taiwanese and the other, Sister Sears is straight up hilarious. Its so good to laugh because I have not laughed this hard in so long and just done the work. She's like living with Jay Leno but she's actually funny.  And Sister Cao is the most patient diligent person I know.  Good gosh that woman is like an ox (but with much better hair. Fabulous hair).  It is such such a blessing. Wow. I'm so happy! I'll get a new companion in maybe a week. But for now I am loving life. 

Also, Sister Cao is a professional masseuse.  I'm in heaven.  She started giving me a shoulder massage and I was like- 

Hello…. shell shock right now. This is fabulous"

The first time I typed hello shock. haha. 

Also sorry I have a no spell-check policy.  Sacrifices have to be made. 

1. I realized this week I'm funnier when I'm happy. And then I’m happy because other people think I'm a funny.  It’s a vicious/ delicious cycle. 
2. Also I realized I’m not so good at getting other people to come to church.  A friend told me me about how he was disappointed that he only got four people to come to church this week.  I was like pssssssh when I can get four people to come to church I kiss the chapel floor. 
3. It doesn’t matter if you are a ten-speed bike and your companion is a three-speed, when you have harmony baptisms literally fall into your lap.

any speaking of baptisms...

So you know how when you set weekly goals as a missionary and you just put in a “ ne" for people that baptized that week because you can't put a "zero". Ya so IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  A miralce baptism just fell out of the sky! We visited an eternal investigator who had no interest before. Apparently she had a lot of questions and Sister Sears asked her last time, “So you have a lot of questions you've worked up.  So are you working up a lot of prayer and scripture reading?  My job isn’t to give you the answers- it’s to tell you how to get your own."

Yes she’s really honest with people. It's my favorite thing about her. 

Anyway, we met with her this week and she was like, "Ya I'm getting baptized." And set her own date!  She had a baptismal interview before church and BAM it is rolling friends!  We're getting all this praise and we did nothing. Especially me. I'm just like yaaaa whooo really had a break a sweat on that one.  Just let me hop into this companionship just in time for the glory moment. Go team?  haha. But the best part... 

IS MY INVESTIGATOR FROM SEATTLE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK IN SEATTLE!  I am so so so so so so so happy that I'm not gunna sleep all week.  Happier than a body buildier with an unlimited supply of protien shakes.  Gosh life is good. 

Sorry no spiritual note this week. I really need to manage my time better but love you all!  
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The longer I am on a mission the more I realize that everyone has problems, everyone is having a hard time, and that my prayer list for people is ridiculously long. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I can do is strengthen my own faith and try to help others up- because really the only physician is Christ. And directing people towards him is about all I can do. 

This week in 5 things: 
  1. Twelve lessons were cancelled this week. When I say cancelled, I mean we came but no one else did. New record
  2. But! Two miracle golden people came to church and loved it! I'm so happy! I finally got to give church tours and explanations! It's the best part of being a missionary!
  3. My teeth got drilled into by a Taiwanese dentist. Without any painkillers. ya. It hurt
  4. I taught a complete lesson to a guy on an intercom. He said I could come back. :) 
  5. Everyday I wake up in a room full of mosquitoes and with new bites, and I should hate it, but actually I just feel like I'm camping an on one big adventure. 

First, the people at church: 

The woman I was sitting by freaked out because every time someone got up to speak she just kept telling me, “They are glowing! Look ! Glowing like angels! Why are they glowing!" And I was like well... its the light of Christ. Lets talk some more." It was so cool. 

Another investigator got bashed by her cousin this week saying we were from a false church but she told her that she knew we were sent from God because she could feel the power. And she is still willing to have us come over. :) 

Other Miracles

Lastly we have a new investigator who is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. He told us he knew we were God's servants, bore one of the most powerful testimonies of God I have ever heard- more powerful than most members I know- told me about how Jesus Christ has changed his life- and then told us to come back next Saturday night because all five of his children would be at his house then. His children are all grown with their own families. We said at prayer at the end and after he said, "okay, now I would like to pray."  So he prayed for us the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard where he asked God to please put the blessings on our heads that we were looking for because we were serving him.  It was so amazing.  On our way out his sister said that we didn't have to wait til Saturday- that we could stop by anytime we had free time. 

And lastly my favorite little Less active family! That one I called to repentance, remember?  We felt like we should stop by so we did and she was so grateful she started crying.  We told her we would stop by anytime she prayed us there are reminded her that The Lord had other blessings to give her if she would like up to them. Then she looked straight at me and said, "I cant, I'm not willing to give up yadda yadda yadda." And then I think she was waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t.  I didn't feel prompted to say anything so I just sat there and watched her look at me.  Finally she leaned back and started praying and thanking God for us coming and that she needed us. Then she opened her eyes and told us we were welcome to come back anytime, even if she really did like her church. 

Oh and about the Dentist

Ya it was horrible haha. If my mouth doesn't heal (do teeth even heal?) then I have to get a root-canal.. It's terrifying.  The Elders gave me a blessing and it said, "everything you pass through is for your good and benefit."  I heard my companion audibly say "oh no."  I'm not really sure how a root-canal will really fulfill my eternal potential, but I guess that's why I'm not in charge... I guess. 

And Chinese

I learned this week that if you are bilingual your brain is wired differently, or rewired. .. sounds painful ;). 

No growth in the comfort zone people. 

So surprise I am leaving my area and no sisters will be there! There are not enough missionaries because of visa problems so I am going to a new area 30 minutes south and I'm going to be with two sisters! One is American and is super cool with super good Chinese and she is training a native Taiwanese sister! The American one doesn't even have an accent (or everyone keeps saying that to her). I'm really excited about it.  She's Senior comp and I've heard she's intense.  I like intense.  I feel like you have to be a little intense to be a missionary here and learn this language- or to be exact.  I’ts gunna be GREAT.  Hello companions #8 & #9! 

But it should be pretty short lived; President said when the new missionaries come (two weeks maybe?) I am going back to take over my area.  I had to give all my investigators to the Elders... scary lol.  They're great, but still.  I am just hoping and praying to be back in my ward by Chinese New Years! I miss my ward. 

I haven't actually seen my new area yet, so updates will come next week. 

Just a quick recap of this week. It included: 
  • Cleaning everything out of my fridge and eating lots of weird frozen foods
  • Having an awesome new relief society president. Seriously, she's great
  • Fighting a war with mosquitoes. I'm losing. 
  • Everyone in the ward giving me a Snickers bar because they know I like them #sabotage
  • Finding P.F.Changs in a brown paper bag this week. Its 10xs as sketchy with 30xs the MSG but dang is it good. 
  • Some of my best lessons with recent converts I've ever had!!  Real breakthroughs! 
Also, the saddest part of my week. My favorite restaurant is now infested with cockroaches!  Originally I just saw one every once in awhile, and that's pretty normal, but they opened the steamed rice drum and... I counted nine or more running away... I finished the meal of course (don’t judge; You live in America- you don't know lol)  but I was so sad because I knew that meant I really shouldn't come back. :( Rough. 

Two Quick Stories: 

One. We went to what we thought was going to be a lesson this week, but it turned out we were actually attending their Family Home Evening where they discuss the Bible together. Which, sounds like a good thing, except that they read the Bible and then started discussing it, and the oldest daughter then started quizzing us. She wasn't be contentious, but you could tell she wasn't sure if we were true Christians or not. She started going off about the Sermon on the Mount and asking what Jesus tells us to do and throwing questions at us about parables and miracles. My companion was a little taken about but at one point I just started laughing. And my companion stared at me, and this lady stared at me, and I just kept laughing.  After I realized everyone was just waiting on me I said, "Really... I know the story.  All of them.  We know what it says.  I know what the second great commandment is.  Maybe we could talk about what it actually means to our lives." 

We must have passed the test because she seemed a satisfied and invited us to come back every Sunday and Saturday and to come over for dinner. Maybe we will actually get to teach someday. 

Two. We had a rather emotional lesson with one investigator.  She spoke such fast Chinese that I got less than half of it, but every time I would ask a question she would just start to cry... a lot. And cry. and cry.  But when anyone else asked her a question, she was fine.
Finally at the end she was like, Why are you asking questions that make me cry every time and tear open my heart?  And I was like ehhhhhhhhh... And then she just sat there and hugged me.  And she is not a touchy person.  And just kept crying.  And then committed to do the things she needed to do to really receive greater peace and healing. I'm not sure what really happened still, but I know it was a miracle. 

Anyways, a new adventure begins 
and I am off to see a new area with new sisters with a little while! I am super excited because I have heard they are awesome, high energy and hard working sisters. It is gonna be great! 

Wish me luck! Love you all!

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Hello one and all. 

Six months is this week. Everyone stay calm. 

Week of Miracles: 

We have a new baptism date, new investigators, five progressing, and I got to GO ON EXCHANGES THIS WEEK! I love exchanges- I always learn so much.  I got to be with my dear Sister Henderson again this week. She was trained in my area so it was so fun for both of us. We found so many great people together and she is exactly obedient! I think she has a reputation for being really intense about rules and Chinese but I actually think she was just diligent and I love her... which makes me wonder what image I am portraying.  I don't know, but I think the Lord is pleased and that is all I care about. 

This week someone thought I was the Senior companion when I spoke Chinese!  And I felt so so bad for my trainer at that moment but so happy she knew what I was saying.  We also met a woman, rather peculiar one, who just kept saying,  “You are miracles!  Miracles!  You can speak!  No foreigners can speak!"  We told her it was God's help and that she could pray for his help too and she was like, "nooo no he wont help me because I wont get baptized even if he helps me." I laughed and then we taught her about how prayer actually works and that of course she could pray. She started talking about miracles again. I'm not sure about that one yet. 

This week I taught xiaopengyou (kids) English class and had all the children act out the animals I said in English names.  I have never laughed so hard in my whole mission.  One kid even licked me.  It was a nice change of pace because most missionaries get referrals from English class.  I get headaches. and wrinkles. 

We try to go on adventures every p-day.  Today's adventure is going to a Taiwanese dentist. . Pray for me people. 

No, seriously. Like now, please pray. 

I was going through old journals this morning in personal study and found this clip from Remember the Titans [FAVORITE MOVIE]: 

"IF we don't come together right now on this hallowed ground, we too will be destroyed, just like they were. I dont care if you like each other or not, but you will respect each other. and maybe... just maybe we will learn to play this game like men." 

This is how I feel about companionships.  I think I was a football coach in another life. 

I have been reading this scripture every day this transfer, studying it, and really trying to apply it to my life.  It is in Alma 7:23: 

 23 And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive.

But the Chinese is actually, "Be filled with patients and permanent patience/ endurance, all things tied down, no matter what time."  I really like that.  Patience and love is required just when it is easy, but when it is hard!  And that's where we grow and show who we want to be.  I'm a big believer that circumstance doesn't make the man; It reveals him.  And we are only proven diligent when it gets hard- you can't say your diligent when it is easy- you have to work through the hard to be diligent and patient. 

And well, no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone my friends!  I know we see miracles when we expect them, and that God expects us to expect them.  He said where much is given.  Much is required.  Not asked of, not pleaded of, not invited, but required.  I'm praying I am mindful enough to have my charity and patience tied down, nothing wavering, and that I am mindful enough to do what is required. 

I love you all. Thank you for your support. You are in my prayers! 

So much love, 

Sister Wawro 

My lunch today. Sushi all day every day. 

Elder Choi popped into our chapel and took us out to dinner!  What ??  He's so cool! 
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Chinese is an emotional roller coaster

and I just can't handle that kind of relationship right now. 

Somedays, I very accurately carry one conversations with people, by myself, without fear.  Other days I have no idea what our investigator is talking about in our lessons. 


I appreciate all your prayers on the matter. 

Items of Business: The office Elders have asked that I tell everyone to address their letters to me at the TaiCHUNG mission.  Because right now they call the Taibei mission every week to get more mail ha-ha.   Nice to know they care about my mail so much. :) 

Other News: 
  • Had to beg some people to come to church this week.  Almost cried in one recent converts lap (I didn't) begging her to come
  • Had interview this week! That went well. 
  • Oh, I don't get to move on to Phase Two. President decided we are all sticking to Phase One words until we are done with training.  No learning food words for me.  lol.  But its all good- I could definitely improve on teaching the gospel. 
  • I have been in training for four months now.  I am a rare breed folks. 
  • Six months mark is next week! Whaaaaaa?? *everybody freak out*
Sneaky Sneaky and the Coat of Many Colors: 
So there is this coat.  It is a magical coat and our bishop's wife gave it to me. Unfortunately, it is a man's coat, and obviously a man's coat.  Also, I accidentally left at a different church in our mission.  This coat has been on many journeys.  Here are its two most recent adventures:

1) So ya,  I left the coat under some church pews, but two nice sisters brought the coat and left it in the office for me! So nice!  The thing was, they forgot to tell anyone they left it in the office before they went home. So, I came into the office last week and was like hey, has anyone seen a coat? It looks like this.. has this.. this material... and I hear a voice go, "nooooooooo" from the back room. Then out comes one of the assistants, with his head in his hands and the coat, and he says, "please tell me if is NOT this coat."
Well, it was.  I have never felt so guilty taking clothes from a boy.  It was like I was the Grinch and he was a small boy who found a stray puppy and thought maybe he would keep it.  But I was the owner come to take it back. It turns out this Elder had taken this coat everywhere and it even made it in the office elder’s Christmas card photos.  And it fit him perfectly!  But it was technically still the Bishop wife's for the missionaries in our ward so.. anyways. I'm not sure if that Elder and I are on the best of terms right now (jk). 

2)  So I have this coat. And it is still obviously a man's coat.  And its pretty hot here.  And I convinced Elder Brinley that he would want this coat, but he wasn’t gunna take it.  So, we were out proselyting like good little missionaries would, when we saw the Elders!  Sitting in a seven on the phone!  So, I took the coat, and carefully put it in his bike box and snuck away… the next day at church he says, "Hey thanks for the coat; Its super nice".
... "What coat?"
"The coat you put in my box."
*feign a confused look at my companion* ".. I didn't"
"You... what?"
"Must have been one of the three nephites."
*wait just long enough to seem him start to consider that possibility*
*bust out laughing* 

A Week of Miracles: 
We really needed new investigators and lessons with members present- and my companion said there was no way we were gunna find them all in one day- but!  After a little convincing about how the Lord answers specific prayers we went to an area one of us felt prompted to go and BAM we got three lessons set up for this week all from people on one street! And then we had two investigators call us that day and want lessons that very night! So we set them up and brought members and BAM! We hit our goal!

And then we had lost contact with one darling investigator, but she called used yesterday to set up last night. So we went to her house with a member... and she wasn't there. And her scooter wasn't. But I said, "Hey look, let's just press all the buttons and see if anyone lets us into the building." And immediately after pressing the buttons the door opens! So,  we go to the elevator and  realize we need a key to go up. But! Just then the door closes and TAKES US TO HER FLOOR! WE DID NOT EVEN PRESS THE BUTTON! I would have been freaked out if it wasn't so cool. Then.. she's not home. So we start to write a note to leave her, when out she pops from the elevator! She told us she was praying so hard on the ride home that we would still be there and have a reason to stay!  And then she told us she lost contact because she went home to tell her dad she didn't want to go to temples to worship anymore and that she wanted to be baptized. And he was fine with that! 

Miracles miracles. 

I could go on with so many, but I just don't have time. It is all so exciting isn't it? 

I know specific prayers are answered and that Heavenly Father really does have a plan for his children. He lives and loves you. Try Him out. 

I love you all! So sorry-I need to budget my time better-but I have to go! 

Remember: Attitude is half the battle.
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January 11, 2015

Hot cold hot cold. Some days coats and some days sweating. And I thought Texas was moody.  On Jan 1st we sat outside and ate fruity beverages outside in the sunshine park. The next day we wore boots, gloves, and leather jackets. Moody I tell you.

 One day it was so humid my companion had mushrooms grow overnight in her helmet. Yup. 

I cannot believe it is 2015. Ah!

Weird Food Wednesday:
Okay so I chickened out.  Sue me. There was this black fungus drink I was supposed to eat for Weird Food Wednesday and I just couldn't do it, okay? Sheesh get off my back.  I can feel your gaze of disappointment from here. 

I'll try it this week. It's in my fridge as a constant reminder of failure. Looking at me. In all its black nastiness. 

Two P-days: 
Yup so guess what I got two P-days this week. Right after I left email last week, they called and said we forgot to tell you you are going to the temple Wednesday so that's your pday!  But since we didn't tell you, you have today too. 

So that was fun haha. 

You have to take off your shoes to walk into the temple here. You leave them outside and then walk around all of the temple in socks. I like it :) Very Asian. 

English Proselyting: 
So this week at English proselyting I was waving my little papers around for people and this guy stops his BUS and motions that he wants a paper! Well I get on the bus and give the paper and then, well I figured it was a red light anyways, so I gave flyers out to all the people on the bus! And they all had their hands out while I ran down the aisles and then the light turned green! So I literally jumped out the back door as the bus started to move and waved goodbye to all the people waving back at me! [It was perfectly safe mom]. 

I felt like a rockstar again. An Elder saw and told me that only one bus drive let him on the bus in his whole mission. I felt pretty good after that. 

And then, we were proselyting again and the man just says, "Here take this food. It's good. 
"No really, I cant take your food. Have a flyer!"
"No. The food is good."
"No really, I couldnt. We teach a free English Class. Here, a flyer." 
"It is delicious."
"No really, thank you."
"No thank you." 
"Very delicious"
"Would you like a flyer?"
"Really. Delicious."
"No thank you sir."
"No. You will take it.Now"
"...okay. Well thank you"
*strong grunt in affirmation*

Ya I didn't know what it was and I didn't eat it. I couldn't decide if it was fruit or meat soooo... 

I stole this except from my previous companions letter this week: 
Cultural tidbits for the week:
Taiwanese people don't like the taste of cinnamon. I tried to tell a member that the cinnamon in an apple pie is much different than a cinnamon candy, but she wasn't convinced. They think it's weird that Americans like cinnamon.
The word for squishy is just "Q". Well, it might be "kyu." But basically when they want to say something is squishy they say it is very "Q Q de." It confuses me.
Another one of my favorite phrases is that people will say something "really has feel." Like, if you were looking at a faded magazine instead of an online article you could say that it "hen you feel." Like literally, the Chinese words for "really has" and then just the English "feel." Except, it sounds more like "feer." it's really great.

Ha, I think she is funny. All of those are true too. 

Okay, I'm sorry, I took up too much time to say anymore but, here is part of my letter to president this week
Scripture study- This week I've been reading Alma, and really wanting to know what can I improve to help me understand other's needs and be worthy to help the Lord bring people to baptism, and I was struck by how exact the stripling warriors are. They are exact in following instructions, and they did not doubt. I gained a strong testimony of exactness in Seattle, but I feel like I have not been able to be as exact as I want to be here. But, my scripture study really gave me courage to stand up for being exactly obedient- and only fearing God's opinion. 

Miracles- This week we had two big miracles! 1) We have four new promising investigators! And I really feel like this was a direct answer to very specific prayers. They are so willing to meet again and learn. I have such high hopes. 2) I got through Phase One! Okay technically we ran out of time and I have to finish the last part of language this week, but I will still rejoice. I've realized that Phase One is just the beginning of learning how to teach. It gave me a layer of foundation that I will continue to build on. I will keep studying the prophets words in Phase One/PMG because the more I have studied it, the more I love it. 

Phase One is the first of three Chinese learning phases we have to go through. Phase One is all the lessons in Chinese. Phase two is normal every day words. So now I can learn how to say things like, I dont know, food words, people words. Normal words. 

Yes, I still don't know how to say those haha. But I could explain the atonement! that's something. 

But here is us on hot sunny New Years in the park! 
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