Sunday, February 22, 2015

The longer I am on a mission the more I realize that everyone has problems, everyone is having a hard time, and that my prayer list for people is ridiculously long. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I can do is strengthen my own faith and try to help others up- because really the only physician is Christ. And directing people towards him is about all I can do. 

This week in 5 things: 
  1. Twelve lessons were cancelled this week. When I say cancelled, I mean we came but no one else did. New record
  2. But! Two miracle golden people came to church and loved it! I'm so happy! I finally got to give church tours and explanations! It's the best part of being a missionary!
  3. My teeth got drilled into by a Taiwanese dentist. Without any painkillers. ya. It hurt
  4. I taught a complete lesson to a guy on an intercom. He said I could come back. :) 
  5. Everyday I wake up in a room full of mosquitoes and with new bites, and I should hate it, but actually I just feel like I'm camping an on one big adventure. 

First, the people at church: 

The woman I was sitting by freaked out because every time someone got up to speak she just kept telling me, “They are glowing! Look ! Glowing like angels! Why are they glowing!" And I was like well... its the light of Christ. Lets talk some more." It was so cool. 

Another investigator got bashed by her cousin this week saying we were from a false church but she told her that she knew we were sent from God because she could feel the power. And she is still willing to have us come over. :) 

Other Miracles

Lastly we have a new investigator who is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. He told us he knew we were God's servants, bore one of the most powerful testimonies of God I have ever heard- more powerful than most members I know- told me about how Jesus Christ has changed his life- and then told us to come back next Saturday night because all five of his children would be at his house then. His children are all grown with their own families. We said at prayer at the end and after he said, "okay, now I would like to pray."  So he prayed for us the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard where he asked God to please put the blessings on our heads that we were looking for because we were serving him.  It was so amazing.  On our way out his sister said that we didn't have to wait til Saturday- that we could stop by anytime we had free time. 

And lastly my favorite little Less active family! That one I called to repentance, remember?  We felt like we should stop by so we did and she was so grateful she started crying.  We told her we would stop by anytime she prayed us there are reminded her that The Lord had other blessings to give her if she would like up to them. Then she looked straight at me and said, "I cant, I'm not willing to give up yadda yadda yadda." And then I think she was waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t.  I didn't feel prompted to say anything so I just sat there and watched her look at me.  Finally she leaned back and started praying and thanking God for us coming and that she needed us. Then she opened her eyes and told us we were welcome to come back anytime, even if she really did like her church. 

Oh and about the Dentist

Ya it was horrible haha. If my mouth doesn't heal (do teeth even heal?) then I have to get a root-canal.. It's terrifying.  The Elders gave me a blessing and it said, "everything you pass through is for your good and benefit."  I heard my companion audibly say "oh no."  I'm not really sure how a root-canal will really fulfill my eternal potential, but I guess that's why I'm not in charge... I guess. 

And Chinese

I learned this week that if you are bilingual your brain is wired differently, or rewired. .. sounds painful ;). 

No growth in the comfort zone people. 

So surprise I am leaving my area and no sisters will be there! There are not enough missionaries because of visa problems so I am going to a new area 30 minutes south and I'm going to be with two sisters! One is American and is super cool with super good Chinese and she is training a native Taiwanese sister! The American one doesn't even have an accent (or everyone keeps saying that to her). I'm really excited about it.  She's Senior comp and I've heard she's intense.  I like intense.  I feel like you have to be a little intense to be a missionary here and learn this language- or to be exact.  I’ts gunna be GREAT.  Hello companions #8 & #9! 

But it should be pretty short lived; President said when the new missionaries come (two weeks maybe?) I am going back to take over my area.  I had to give all my investigators to the Elders... scary lol.  They're great, but still.  I am just hoping and praying to be back in my ward by Chinese New Years! I miss my ward. 

I haven't actually seen my new area yet, so updates will come next week. 

Just a quick recap of this week. It included: 
  • Cleaning everything out of my fridge and eating lots of weird frozen foods
  • Having an awesome new relief society president. Seriously, she's great
  • Fighting a war with mosquitoes. I'm losing. 
  • Everyone in the ward giving me a Snickers bar because they know I like them #sabotage
  • Finding P.F.Changs in a brown paper bag this week. Its 10xs as sketchy with 30xs the MSG but dang is it good. 
  • Some of my best lessons with recent converts I've ever had!!  Real breakthroughs! 
Also, the saddest part of my week. My favorite restaurant is now infested with cockroaches!  Originally I just saw one every once in awhile, and that's pretty normal, but they opened the steamed rice drum and... I counted nine or more running away... I finished the meal of course (don’t judge; You live in America- you don't know lol)  but I was so sad because I knew that meant I really shouldn't come back. :( Rough. 

Two Quick Stories: 

One. We went to what we thought was going to be a lesson this week, but it turned out we were actually attending their Family Home Evening where they discuss the Bible together. Which, sounds like a good thing, except that they read the Bible and then started discussing it, and the oldest daughter then started quizzing us. She wasn't be contentious, but you could tell she wasn't sure if we were true Christians or not. She started going off about the Sermon on the Mount and asking what Jesus tells us to do and throwing questions at us about parables and miracles. My companion was a little taken about but at one point I just started laughing. And my companion stared at me, and this lady stared at me, and I just kept laughing.  After I realized everyone was just waiting on me I said, "Really... I know the story.  All of them.  We know what it says.  I know what the second great commandment is.  Maybe we could talk about what it actually means to our lives." 

We must have passed the test because she seemed a satisfied and invited us to come back every Sunday and Saturday and to come over for dinner. Maybe we will actually get to teach someday. 

Two. We had a rather emotional lesson with one investigator.  She spoke such fast Chinese that I got less than half of it, but every time I would ask a question she would just start to cry... a lot. And cry. and cry.  But when anyone else asked her a question, she was fine.
Finally at the end she was like, Why are you asking questions that make me cry every time and tear open my heart?  And I was like ehhhhhhhhh... And then she just sat there and hugged me.  And she is not a touchy person.  And just kept crying.  And then committed to do the things she needed to do to really receive greater peace and healing. I'm not sure what really happened still, but I know it was a miracle. 

Anyways, a new adventure begins 
and I am off to see a new area with new sisters with a little while! I am super excited because I have heard they are awesome, high energy and hard working sisters. It is gonna be great! 

Wish me luck! Love you all!

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