Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Typhoon Excitement in the Ai

My first Typhoon is coming!!!
I am so excited!

I’ve never seen one before and I miss big Texas thunder!

Don’t worry we live on the 13th floor. It’s not like it will flood (she said not knowing she had just sealed her her fate with her words). 

So here is this week in a nutshell:
  • My bike box topped over in the street and I didn’t notice so my companion had to pick up all the stuff in between cars and stop lights before I saw. 
  • We had fireworks! Except we didn’t, because that is not allowed.  So, a member bought fireworks for Fourth of July… and we sat on the church steps and watched.. while singing God Bless America!  Quietly… and to ourselves.
  • It’s completely legal to blow up fireworks in the middle of a street downtown here, by the way. #GodBlessTaiwan? #confusing
  • My companion and I started journaling our dreams. Turns out I’m a missionary living the Hunger Games in like every single one... #maytheoddsbeeverinmyfavor #dreaminterrpretorwanted
  • We are currently redecorating our study for ten American dollars. It’s a creative excessive. I’ll let you know how it goes. 
  • Took my companion to a stationary store on P-day. Big Mistake. Spent two hours ogling over some 10 cent cute notebooks..
  • We got five referrals from the ward! And so did the elders!  Yay!
  • The members we wanted to teach a lesson with us, snuck pizza into a library.. Delicious pizza with mayonaise and shrimp on top. 
  • I ate Italian food Saturday… Italian Taiwanese. It’s a thing I guess. 
Weirdness of the Week:
So this guy wanted to take a picture of us grocery shopping Monday (happens all the time actually) so we just smiled and let him, whatever, day in the life- BUT THEN he finds us Wednesday out and about and gives us copies of the photos he took! Printed out and everything to say thank you!  We were thinking what on earth??… and then he gives us two cross necklaces that he won’t let us refuse. Then he says “  believe in God, maybe we could talk sometime."  We gave him the Elders phone number and then pretended not to understand his other questions. He’s either golden or crazy, and if he's golden he'll find his way to God through the Elders, lol. 

Miracles of the Week:
As we were contacting about, on our daily p-day errands, we ran into a girl who worked behind one of the counters.  We talk to her every week, but she was like, "Hey I am sorry to hear about the supreme court thing. My husband and I were talking about it, and we saw what your church said, and my husband was talking about how he really liked your family standards. Then he asked if you ever met with people, because we are busy on Sundays, but we'd still like to know more. I said yes.  She said, " I can ask because I know you and we are friends!
Ya our jaws dropped. So then we, through our slobber, insisted that that would be convenient for us. We had invited her to things before, but its just proof it takes a few invitations!

Anyways my time is up! Love you all!


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So we invited 5 families to baptism this week. They all so said no. On the bright side, we now know their concerns in depth. . . We're working on it. 


I heard about the supreme court, yes (I purposely didn't capitalize thier name. That's right, I'll show them (jkjkjk)). All I have to say is that I think its a good time to buy land is Missouri.  But then again we’d be asked to consecrate is later anyways.. (If you didn't get that joke, ask the missionaries, they can help you). 

In other news, the work of God continues to roll forth like a great stone cute without hands. However, all that rolling is causing a lot of friction and heat because WOWZERS IT IS HOTT. OMGosh it is hot. I can’t leave an apple on the counter without it rotting by tomorrow. Hot hot hot hot hot. 

I suppose its kinda like a sauna. What are the health benefits of that again? Quick, someone remind me. 

So this week:
  • We volunteered to teach English twice at a elementary school. So fun. 
  • We found a bat at the school! It was sleepy
  • My companion said the phrase, "I had jaundice, but I'm fine now." Sometimes you think you know a person and then...
  • We built an obstacle laser course in English class. We had way more fun than they did.
  • We found a great new somebody to teach the gospel! Yay!
That's about all for this week. Keep the faith! And don’t politically bash the Supreme Court on Facebook people. Stay about the mud. 
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