Monday, July 28, 2014

Look how I need new pants and have to wear these sweats in the heat! 

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I ran into my friend Katie Bell!!! Shes going to Paris. 

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All the Sisters in our Zone go to BYU!

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The Elders just figured out they're nametags are KaZoos.

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Elder Tats list of needs to home

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Oooo! Lookie mail. Lets keep up the good work!

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All my food. I'm the class favorite peeps :)  (okay not really)

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Sundays in the MTC are the best days. They are so relaxing and I have P-day right after (Monday) so that makes it really nice. We watch music and the spoken word here and Sister Howell and I think Brother Newell's voice makes us feel almost homesick [Shes Sister Newell's cousin]. This week brother Newell talked about not only our need to receive love, but our need to give it. We all know we need to receive love but I never thought about our need to give it. It was a really good message. 

Sherri Dew came and spoke in relief society and I got to sit on the stand and close the meeting with a prayer. (sister Dew has fabulous hair btw).  It was SO HARD to pray in English! I had to stop several times to stop all the Chinese words swirling around in my head! I can't pray well in Chinese but apparently I cant pray well in English either. Maybe the Catholics have that whole limbo thing right after all. I had to sit on the stand and they have different words here for "As Sisters in Zion" and I didnt know any of those words yet so I was trying to mouth these words in front of hundres of people on this screen and... eh. I clearly didnt know it. The MTC presidents wife also said that sister "War-ho" could be giving the benediction. -__- Can't win 'em all, ay?


Ya my companion is from Seattle and is the girl Aunt Lisa was talking about. So I guess she's known on both sides of the family. Her mom wrote and told her about talking to Aunt Debbie. Shes very smart, just finished a year at BYU, and can remember Chinese words better than anyone in our class. Someone says it once and she just knows it. She also gets when I have a dark sense of humor, so that's nice. I like that she knows I completely dry and kidding or else I wouldve offended her serveral times by now, but she just laughs. 


Aunt Janene was right- I am Wong JeiMei, but I had them change it. After all the jokes I just couldnt take it so my name is Wei like Mr.Wei down the street, same character and everything. My whole name rhymes now (so thats something) and kinda bounces. I'd say that's an improvement. 

We all speak with broken English in my district now. Its pretty funny. We cant speak Chinese at all but we cant speak English either. Our whole zone is like that so we just kinda laugh at each other. I dont sleep well here at all. Chinese words just swirl around in your head. Sometimes I have to just break open my flashlight and study the words I dont know the translations for or I'lll never sleep. Gah!

Two elders in my district were looking around lunch last week and were like "You know? Everyone learning Chinese looks smart, and we just keep wondering... How did we get here?" haha. 

We've had to give two lessons in Chinese this week. They went about as well as you can imagine if you only know 100 Chinese words. Haha! They through you in quick. 

We also joke about the emnity we feel for people with English nametags. They walk past and you just feel this dislike that I cant even explain! Its like "puny human you dont even know the pain"! lol I wish I was kidding more than I am. 

We all thought giving a talk or lesson was hard...then we got called Chinese speaking...


I have the best district here. No really, the branch presidency keeps talking about our district. I'm not really sure why, but I know all of them just work super super hard. There are four sisters, and all the Elders are just out of high school (except for one from West Point. Yes he knows Emma). They are super dedicated and humble, and just the best. They keep calling us "the chosen district". Its kinda disturbing because I have no idea why the leadership does that...

But anyways we laugh so hard. The first day we were taking a tour of the grounds and Elder Varvel tried to rip a tag off his bag. Well, he ended up stetting off an alarm tag that never got removed. We all dropped our stuff to cover our ears because it was SO LOUD! We wandered over to the front desk and had to get security to find tools. Then we had to (say this next part in Esma's voice) smash it with a hammer. Until it stopped. ... so welcome to us to the MTC! Hello district bonding. 

The Elder I sit next to is also very dry so that's fun. I have to tell you this story because I'm including a picture about it. So He started making his list about what he needed from home, and I told him that I wanted Chex Mix. It went something like this. 

Elder: I'm not sending my mom home a note to get you Chex Mix
Me: ..why not?
Elder: Because! Why cant you ask your mom?
Me: Because I dont want to use all my chips up at once Elder. 

He just rolled his eyes and left the room. so I wrote Chex Mix on the list. Then Elder Varvel starting adding things he wanted on the list, and some embarrasing things, etc etc. Then Elder Tat walked back into the room. 

Elder: Are you serious?? Why just.. why?
Me: Woooah why am I being accused?
Elder: Who else would it be???
Me: You seriously think I wrote spandex on the list? 
Elder: Once again, who else would it be?
Everyone else is laughing and blaming me. 
Me: I cannot believe you think I would mispell spandex S-P-A-N-D-X. 


Back to spiritual things. So they say the MTC is spiritual ground, and dedicated as a temple so we should treat it as such. Its true you have dreams and things here you would have no where else. I know people are eager to leave, and we are all excited about being in the field, but I really like it here. I feel bad for people who spend a week here or who dont come to a place as large as the Provo MTC. 

Theres a verse in D&C 37 or 38 (I forgot) thats says "I will be in your midst and you will not see me". I think thats true here. That's why its so special. 


I officially got the most mail SO I have a reputation to upkeep people! Glory is at stake! So! Lets all keep up the good work. Put your shoulder to the wheel folks. 

I really do get why missionaries love letters. I love hearing from people and I love hearing how you are. Especially the random things. I understand now how it doesnt matter what you say- Ijust want to hear it. Its the only time I stop thinking about Chinese words and when youre a missionary you care about people even more. 

Devan Bennion wrote me the best letter last week and Sister Poulter this week. And of course I love you family for keeping me updated, but please tell them thank you so much. It was jsut so good to hear Sister Poulter talk and I shared her husbands story with my district. Devan gave such good advice and just made me laugh. SUCH good advice. I'm putting it in this letter because I want him to know. 

Please send letters through dearelder.com. That makes it so much easier for me. 

1. The pillows at the MTC smell funny. 
2. This is the youngest missionary force ever to serve. They said the flow of sisters is gone but right now there are the first flow of elders who just graduated high school. they're ready; they're prepared. Its so cool. 
3. God often withholds blessings until we are desperate. Often, because we only ask when we're desperate. 
4. I actually have a lot more pictures from this but most are from Elders stealing my camera and talking selfies. I'm tempted to send them to their mothers. (because sisters just dont do things like that). 
5. Don't bring pink nail polish to this place. You're practically wearing a big red A on your chest. 

Well that's it! Love you all! Now some pictures :) 

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I'm supposed to send you an email and tell you that I'm alive and doing well. 

I'm alive and doing well. 

I'm going to be writing about on P-Day (Monday), so you don't have to go on too long without some notice. Let me tell you a little of whats gone on here. 

I missed my class and didn't find my companion until that night. I was part of a three-pack with some other Chinese sisters. That was okay because I got to know another district besides my own. I'm not homesick. I feel bad for you because I'm really really doing fine. This is way harder on the peeps at home, I guess. So I hope you're well. 

I've gotten a lot of letters from people but I haven't had anytime to read them. Literally, none. 
Right now I have the reputation for getting the most mail in the district, so lets keep up the good work people. 

We had to teach an investigator for 30 minutes in Chinese today. Actually not that bad. I mean, its bad, but we did it. She cried. 

Everyone freaks out about the language, but not for me because I just feel like its all gunna be fine.

Anyways, items up. write me on dearelder.com or something. Remember I have a reputation to uphold. 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ashley has entered the MTC today! She's excited and happy to be there! We'll all miss her, but it'll fly by quickly. Feel free to start sending her letters!
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