Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm supposed to send you an email and tell you that I'm alive and doing well. 

I'm alive and doing well. 

I'm going to be writing about on P-Day (Monday), so you don't have to go on too long without some notice. Let me tell you a little of whats gone on here. 

I missed my class and didn't find my companion until that night. I was part of a three-pack with some other Chinese sisters. That was okay because I got to know another district besides my own. I'm not homesick. I feel bad for you because I'm really really doing fine. This is way harder on the peeps at home, I guess. So I hope you're well. 

I've gotten a lot of letters from people but I haven't had anytime to read them. Literally, none. 
Right now I have the reputation for getting the most mail in the district, so lets keep up the good work people. 

We had to teach an investigator for 30 minutes in Chinese today. Actually not that bad. I mean, its bad, but we did it. She cried. 

Everyone freaks out about the language, but not for me because I just feel like its all gunna be fine.

Anyways, items up. write me on dearelder.com or something. Remember I have a reputation to uphold. 

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