Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So we invited 5 families to baptism this week. They all so said no. On the bright side, we now know their concerns in depth. . . We're working on it. 


I heard about the supreme court, yes (I purposely didn't capitalize thier name. That's right, I'll show them (jkjkjk)). All I have to say is that I think its a good time to buy land is Missouri.  But then again we’d be asked to consecrate is later anyways.. (If you didn't get that joke, ask the missionaries, they can help you). 

In other news, the work of God continues to roll forth like a great stone cute without hands. However, all that rolling is causing a lot of friction and heat because WOWZERS IT IS HOTT. OMGosh it is hot. I can’t leave an apple on the counter without it rotting by tomorrow. Hot hot hot hot hot. 

I suppose its kinda like a sauna. What are the health benefits of that again? Quick, someone remind me. 

So this week:
  • We volunteered to teach English twice at a elementary school. So fun. 
  • We found a bat at the school! It was sleepy
  • My companion said the phrase, "I had jaundice, but I'm fine now." Sometimes you think you know a person and then...
  • We built an obstacle laser course in English class. We had way more fun than they did.
  • We found a great new somebody to teach the gospel! Yay!
That's about all for this week. Keep the faith! And don’t politically bash the Supreme Court on Facebook people. Stay about the mud. 
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