Sunday, February 22, 2015

So this week has been like a sitcom. 

First of all. I have not laughed so hard in months. I mean mooooonths. So much that I refuse to drink things around Sister Sears for the fear that I will spit up water. 

You think I'm being obsessive. I'm not. Its happened three times already. 

Seriously the only other person who makes me laugh this hard is Rachel Paxton. I laughed so hard I was crying last night.  Crying.  And that's happened like every night in a row. 

New Companions: 
So! I am in a trio again! Lol because my trainer went home. Its okay because woot hello to getting work done fast, just the way I like it. One of the sisters is Taiwanese and the other, Sister Sears is straight up hilarious. Its so good to laugh because I have not laughed this hard in so long and just done the work. She's like living with Jay Leno but she's actually funny.  And Sister Cao is the most patient diligent person I know.  Good gosh that woman is like an ox (but with much better hair. Fabulous hair).  It is such such a blessing. Wow. I'm so happy! I'll get a new companion in maybe a week. But for now I am loving life. 

Also, Sister Cao is a professional masseuse.  I'm in heaven.  She started giving me a shoulder massage and I was like- 

Hello…. shell shock right now. This is fabulous"

The first time I typed hello shock. haha. 

Also sorry I have a no spell-check policy.  Sacrifices have to be made. 

1. I realized this week I'm funnier when I'm happy. And then I’m happy because other people think I'm a funny.  It’s a vicious/ delicious cycle. 
2. Also I realized I’m not so good at getting other people to come to church.  A friend told me me about how he was disappointed that he only got four people to come to church this week.  I was like pssssssh when I can get four people to come to church I kiss the chapel floor. 
3. It doesn’t matter if you are a ten-speed bike and your companion is a three-speed, when you have harmony baptisms literally fall into your lap.

any speaking of baptisms...

So you know how when you set weekly goals as a missionary and you just put in a “ ne" for people that baptized that week because you can't put a "zero". Ya so IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  A miralce baptism just fell out of the sky! We visited an eternal investigator who had no interest before. Apparently she had a lot of questions and Sister Sears asked her last time, “So you have a lot of questions you've worked up.  So are you working up a lot of prayer and scripture reading?  My job isn’t to give you the answers- it’s to tell you how to get your own."

Yes she’s really honest with people. It's my favorite thing about her. 

Anyway, we met with her this week and she was like, "Ya I'm getting baptized." And set her own date!  She had a baptismal interview before church and BAM it is rolling friends!  We're getting all this praise and we did nothing. Especially me. I'm just like yaaaa whooo really had a break a sweat on that one.  Just let me hop into this companionship just in time for the glory moment. Go team?  haha. But the best part... 

IS MY INVESTIGATOR FROM SEATTLE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK IN SEATTLE!  I am so so so so so so so happy that I'm not gunna sleep all week.  Happier than a body buildier with an unlimited supply of protien shakes.  Gosh life is good. 

Sorry no spiritual note this week. I really need to manage my time better but love you all!  
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