Sunday, February 22, 2015

I tried to teach my Taiwanese companion "Howdy Partner." It didn't quite catch on.

I have the best companionship in the whole world. One Taiwanese who is super sweet and one American who is super awesome and super funny. Life is good. 


So my companion stole. 

Its was before we were companions, but she's still basically an outlaw on the run, afraid she'll be put in a Taiwanese jail (and believe me, you should be afraid of that). Here's the story:

She and her companion were going hiking with a less-active member. She was already out by the bus stop, waiting, when the member calls and said, "hey it's gunna rain. You need a rain jacket." And she went inside the Seven Eleven to grab a raincoat. She's looking at the raincoats when her companion screams, "The BUS IS HERE!" So she SPRINTS and bangs on the bus door, it stops, and they hop in and go on. 

Then she looks down. Oh no. Because what is stuffed into the outside pocket of her bag? Yup. Two raincoats. And there is no Seven Eleven in sight. 

She freaks out a little because one (1) she stole, (2) she stole as a missionary and (3) jail is scary. 

She cant speak a lot of Chinese at this point, but she decides its best to go back to the store and make a go at an apology. She she refolds it all to make it look really pretty and new and returns. 

So she goes back, puts the coats on the counter, and says. "Bu Hoa Yisi" which literally means' "Bad meaning" but it it used for like "excuse me" and "how embarrassing". So she says, "Bu Hao Yisi, I stole this morning." And the really grumpy guy says, "I know... I saw you on the video." 

Then he proceeds to show her on the camera. There she is looking at the coats, and literally .5 seconds she is breaking into a full stride elongated sprint towards the door, and the employees heads just turn. They just figured she REALLY needed those rain coats. 

The employees actually thought it was hilarious and apparently watched it again and again lol. 


(1) So we had miracles this week. First, we were terrified our investigator would not come to the baptism because she was not answering our calls, but she showed up right at seven when it started! She also scared us again when we couldn't find her at church to be confirmed and wouldn't answer her phone! When we finally gave up and went in to tell the bishop she wouldn't be there, loo and behold she was sitting in the pews! My body cant take the stress haha. 

(2)  We met a girl on Saturday; she came to church on Sunday- but she came for the wrong time. So, she just waited for us. !!!  For three hours. At the church. And then attend church with us when we arrived. Also, the Book of Mormon we gave her Saturday? Ya, she put it in a protective case. The prayer we asked her to do? She prayer for two hours. She said, "God and I just had a to talk about." Yes, she is a little golden miracle and yes she has a baptism date.


"If you ever wondered if it was possible to crush up fish eggs and dry them like fruit leather, the answer is yes. But it doesn't mean you should try to do it. And you don't have to give it to your friends."

And I think that about sums up our diet here. This week is Chinese New Years. We have over ten buffets set up with members... we aren't allowed to say no and each one is about ten hours. My companion and I have a very rigorous exercise plan set up and we aren't buying grocers this week, but it wont be enough. And Elder told me he gained 13 pounds in one week last year. Oh heaven help us. 

Prayers people. I need prayers. 

No like seriously put a self-time on your phone or something. 


You know, I've been thinking a lot about how to be more of a consecrated missionary or how to work harder, and I've just discovered God is way too good. Every time we pray for specific miracles as missionaries, it literally happens. The second miracle this week was a result of a specific prayer. I was praying so hard last transfer for specific help with Chinese and now I have a fantastic American companion and a Chinese native. No one else gets that experience after training, I mean no one. 

I feel like every day I just am so humbled. None of us really really speak this language well, and at least we can't write it, but every day I just tell Heavenly Father, "okay I have this and this meager ability. Do what you will with them." And every day he says, "Sister Wawro, I can do miracles with that". And he does. Because I, Ashley, in this country, and with this language, can do almost nothing. And He is so forgiving and gives me so much grace. 

I think and hope this mission will be the most humbling experience of my life. Heavenly Father has really been helping me be stripped of all pride and bringing me low. Maybe someday after he'll build me up again after. 

I hope that you all know how much Heavenly Father is willing to help, and to forgive. Completely forgive. He is far too too good, and it almost leaves me amazed. I pray you will each take full advantage of the atonement to feel his grace for yourselves, sot hat you can gain a more full testimony of it, and invite others to do so. May you be a living testimony of what is grace can do. 

I love you all. I have a long list of people from home I pray for every day. You really are in my heart. Much love, 

Sister Wawro 

Baptisms! And a toilet restaurant... they have themed restaurants here. This was not my first choice either... I didn't really eat much, lets just say that

Also I spent about five minutes laughing at my two parents different reactions the the ducks in the pool. I know who loves the ducks and who doesn't: 

from Dad... 
The ducks are back!  Living at the pond (your swimming pool) in the back yard.  Koda runs out multiple times as day  not to chase them away but to say hi to his long lost friends.  What a watch dog!

from Mom... 
The ducks are back in the pool. Dirty birds, they are messy things.
No, they may not stay this year!!!!

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