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January 11, 2015

Hot cold hot cold. Some days coats and some days sweating. And I thought Texas was moody.  On Jan 1st we sat outside and ate fruity beverages outside in the sunshine park. The next day we wore boots, gloves, and leather jackets. Moody I tell you.

 One day it was so humid my companion had mushrooms grow overnight in her helmet. Yup. 

I cannot believe it is 2015. Ah!

Weird Food Wednesday:
Okay so I chickened out.  Sue me. There was this black fungus drink I was supposed to eat for Weird Food Wednesday and I just couldn't do it, okay? Sheesh get off my back.  I can feel your gaze of disappointment from here. 

I'll try it this week. It's in my fridge as a constant reminder of failure. Looking at me. In all its black nastiness. 

Two P-days: 
Yup so guess what I got two P-days this week. Right after I left email last week, they called and said we forgot to tell you you are going to the temple Wednesday so that's your pday!  But since we didn't tell you, you have today too. 

So that was fun haha. 

You have to take off your shoes to walk into the temple here. You leave them outside and then walk around all of the temple in socks. I like it :) Very Asian. 

English Proselyting: 
So this week at English proselyting I was waving my little papers around for people and this guy stops his BUS and motions that he wants a paper! Well I get on the bus and give the paper and then, well I figured it was a red light anyways, so I gave flyers out to all the people on the bus! And they all had their hands out while I ran down the aisles and then the light turned green! So I literally jumped out the back door as the bus started to move and waved goodbye to all the people waving back at me! [It was perfectly safe mom]. 

I felt like a rockstar again. An Elder saw and told me that only one bus drive let him on the bus in his whole mission. I felt pretty good after that. 

And then, we were proselyting again and the man just says, "Here take this food. It's good. 
"No really, I cant take your food. Have a flyer!"
"No. The food is good."
"No really, I couldnt. We teach a free English Class. Here, a flyer." 
"It is delicious."
"No really, thank you."
"No thank you." 
"Very delicious"
"Would you like a flyer?"
"Really. Delicious."
"No thank you sir."
"No. You will take it.Now"
"...okay. Well thank you"
*strong grunt in affirmation*

Ya I didn't know what it was and I didn't eat it. I couldn't decide if it was fruit or meat soooo... 

I stole this except from my previous companions letter this week: 
Cultural tidbits for the week:
Taiwanese people don't like the taste of cinnamon. I tried to tell a member that the cinnamon in an apple pie is much different than a cinnamon candy, but she wasn't convinced. They think it's weird that Americans like cinnamon.
The word for squishy is just "Q". Well, it might be "kyu." But basically when they want to say something is squishy they say it is very "Q Q de." It confuses me.
Another one of my favorite phrases is that people will say something "really has feel." Like, if you were looking at a faded magazine instead of an online article you could say that it "hen you feel." Like literally, the Chinese words for "really has" and then just the English "feel." Except, it sounds more like "feer." it's really great.

Ha, I think she is funny. All of those are true too. 

Okay, I'm sorry, I took up too much time to say anymore but, here is part of my letter to president this week
Scripture study- This week I've been reading Alma, and really wanting to know what can I improve to help me understand other's needs and be worthy to help the Lord bring people to baptism, and I was struck by how exact the stripling warriors are. They are exact in following instructions, and they did not doubt. I gained a strong testimony of exactness in Seattle, but I feel like I have not been able to be as exact as I want to be here. But, my scripture study really gave me courage to stand up for being exactly obedient- and only fearing God's opinion. 

Miracles- This week we had two big miracles! 1) We have four new promising investigators! And I really feel like this was a direct answer to very specific prayers. They are so willing to meet again and learn. I have such high hopes. 2) I got through Phase One! Okay technically we ran out of time and I have to finish the last part of language this week, but I will still rejoice. I've realized that Phase One is just the beginning of learning how to teach. It gave me a layer of foundation that I will continue to build on. I will keep studying the prophets words in Phase One/PMG because the more I have studied it, the more I love it. 

Phase One is the first of three Chinese learning phases we have to go through. Phase One is all the lessons in Chinese. Phase two is normal every day words. So now I can learn how to say things like, I dont know, food words, people words. Normal words. 

Yes, I still don't know how to say those haha. But I could explain the atonement! that's something. 

But here is us on hot sunny New Years in the park! 
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