Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chinese is an emotional roller coaster

and I just can't handle that kind of relationship right now. 

Somedays, I very accurately carry one conversations with people, by myself, without fear.  Other days I have no idea what our investigator is talking about in our lessons. 


I appreciate all your prayers on the matter. 

Items of Business: The office Elders have asked that I tell everyone to address their letters to me at the TaiCHUNG mission.  Because right now they call the Taibei mission every week to get more mail ha-ha.   Nice to know they care about my mail so much. :) 

Other News: 
  • Had to beg some people to come to church this week.  Almost cried in one recent converts lap (I didn't) begging her to come
  • Had interview this week! That went well. 
  • Oh, I don't get to move on to Phase Two. President decided we are all sticking to Phase One words until we are done with training.  No learning food words for me.  lol.  But its all good- I could definitely improve on teaching the gospel. 
  • I have been in training for four months now.  I am a rare breed folks. 
  • Six months mark is next week! Whaaaaaa?? *everybody freak out*
Sneaky Sneaky and the Coat of Many Colors: 
So there is this coat.  It is a magical coat and our bishop's wife gave it to me. Unfortunately, it is a man's coat, and obviously a man's coat.  Also, I accidentally left at a different church in our mission.  This coat has been on many journeys.  Here are its two most recent adventures:

1) So ya,  I left the coat under some church pews, but two nice sisters brought the coat and left it in the office for me! So nice!  The thing was, they forgot to tell anyone they left it in the office before they went home. So, I came into the office last week and was like hey, has anyone seen a coat? It looks like this.. has this.. this material... and I hear a voice go, "nooooooooo" from the back room. Then out comes one of the assistants, with his head in his hands and the coat, and he says, "please tell me if is NOT this coat."
Well, it was.  I have never felt so guilty taking clothes from a boy.  It was like I was the Grinch and he was a small boy who found a stray puppy and thought maybe he would keep it.  But I was the owner come to take it back. It turns out this Elder had taken this coat everywhere and it even made it in the office elder’s Christmas card photos.  And it fit him perfectly!  But it was technically still the Bishop wife's for the missionaries in our ward so.. anyways. I'm not sure if that Elder and I are on the best of terms right now (jk). 

2)  So I have this coat. And it is still obviously a man's coat.  And its pretty hot here.  And I convinced Elder Brinley that he would want this coat, but he wasn’t gunna take it.  So, we were out proselyting like good little missionaries would, when we saw the Elders!  Sitting in a seven on the phone!  So, I took the coat, and carefully put it in his bike box and snuck away… the next day at church he says, "Hey thanks for the coat; Its super nice".
... "What coat?"
"The coat you put in my box."
*feign a confused look at my companion* ".. I didn't"
"You... what?"
"Must have been one of the three nephites."
*wait just long enough to seem him start to consider that possibility*
*bust out laughing* 

A Week of Miracles: 
We really needed new investigators and lessons with members present- and my companion said there was no way we were gunna find them all in one day- but!  After a little convincing about how the Lord answers specific prayers we went to an area one of us felt prompted to go and BAM we got three lessons set up for this week all from people on one street! And then we had two investigators call us that day and want lessons that very night! So we set them up and brought members and BAM! We hit our goal!

And then we had lost contact with one darling investigator, but she called used yesterday to set up last night. So we went to her house with a member... and she wasn't there. And her scooter wasn't. But I said, "Hey look, let's just press all the buttons and see if anyone lets us into the building." And immediately after pressing the buttons the door opens! So,  we go to the elevator and  realize we need a key to go up. But! Just then the door closes and TAKES US TO HER FLOOR! WE DID NOT EVEN PRESS THE BUTTON! I would have been freaked out if it wasn't so cool. Then.. she's not home. So we start to write a note to leave her, when out she pops from the elevator! She told us she was praying so hard on the ride home that we would still be there and have a reason to stay!  And then she told us she lost contact because she went home to tell her dad she didn't want to go to temples to worship anymore and that she wanted to be baptized. And he was fine with that! 

Miracles miracles. 

I could go on with so many, but I just don't have time. It is all so exciting isn't it? 

I know specific prayers are answered and that Heavenly Father really does have a plan for his children. He lives and loves you. Try Him out. 

I love you all! So sorry-I need to budget my time better-but I have to go! 

Remember: Attitude is half the battle.
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