Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sweating My Sins Out

“Shocker, you’re moving" was the first thing Michala said to me in my inbox today- haha. It is true though. I moved to the hottest part of the island... just in time for summer.  This is where I sweat all my sins out. 

A NEW STAKE IN TAICHUNG! So yes there is a new stake in Taichung!  Where I just left!  I am so sad that I wasnt there to see it with Elder Gong and the Temple Presidency. It would have been great. But, that's okay! The work of the Lord cannot be stopped. It’s so exciting!  Asia has most of the worlds population, and there’s so much work here to do. 

NEW COMPANION I have a Taiwanese companion (#12) and I'm her breaker, and this is so much better than training haha.  First of all, it is a lot less stress because she obviously speaks the language.  Second, my Chinese will improve like crazy, and third, she's like super duper sweet.  All she really wants to do is work hard and she's like, "Sister Wei, how do I baptize??" So dang cute and humble.  Wish I had some answers to give her.  All of the sudden I'm a "more experinced missionary"... are you kidding me?  No one should trust me with responsibility yet. 

But the down side— is that I am in the hottest part of the mission for probably the whole summer… yup.  I am the very farthest South Sisters can go.   Fun times. President was actually really cute and called me and told me not to think he wasn’t proud of me, and that I would have plenty of time to train. I thought it was really sweet. He also emailed me this little clip: 

You will definitely have the opportunity to train. I just thought I would let your ankle heal up a bit before adding that bit of stress to your life. You are doing great and do not need to worry about being left out of anything. I am hoping to leave you put for a while in your next place. You will like Pingdong and you will love Sister Hsieh!


This week before I left GangShan our investigator decided she was going to get baptized in like a week and a half!  So we taught the Word of Wisdom, Chastity, Sabbath Day,  basically all the commandments except tithing in one week. We were kind of worried becuase she’s been taking the lessons, but the commandments are where trouble starts. But nope, she was just like, “ kay okay, simple."  “ h okay- one second while I throw away my red tea."  “ Oh okay, what's the next pamphlet."  We tried to spread them out more, or give her reading assignments in prep for the next lesson, but she just read the pamphlets/scriptures right when we gave them to her! Sometimes people are just prepared. 

WOAH HOLD THE PHONE! I just fingured out this computer is a touch screen. What?? I havent seen anything this high tech in months.  WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Okay cool, I’m focused again. 

SO, I’m a facebook misisonary.  I am not excited about it.  I don’t want to see all the things my friends are doing.  At all.  Even a little.  Sounds like torture.  But, on the bright side I can now use Facebook chat on Mondays during email time. 

  • All of the members starting using this super thick Taiwanese accent... and Sister Geddes and I were like... what is happening. So in the middle of a lesson I stopped one of the members and was like... why are you speaking like that? She told me it was to help us understand because we were so new to Taiwan. I just busted out laughing, and assured her that that absolutley would not help. However, we couldn’t convince the other members and they all keep doing this super weird fake accent "to help us" haha. 
  • so we got trapped in a car with a member for like an hour. She had to make, "a quick stop" on the way back from a lesson. We were super far from home (45 mins) and she gets totally lost. And then gets out of the car and leaves us to "take care of busness" and we were just like uhhhhhhhhhh. . . what in the world. Do we leave? We can’t. Ya she eventually came back. We asked her what she was doing and she was like "something.". Ya, strangley cryptic.  Meanwhile Sister Geddes was like, “This right here is why I can't train!  This stuff never happens with my trainer!  This would never happen with her!" haha. 
  • Speaking of which, our whole ward is strangly cryptic... and I found out why.  The bishop sells tobacco, another member does advertising for all the red wine in Taiwan, another rents warehouse to sketchy people.  Then there is the woman who kept us in the car… and another new member who can’t go on a mission because his family is the Taiwanese mafia.  We are about 99.9% sure.  He would be in the mafia too, but he's kinda flamboyant and his father told him he was "too weak." lol
  • Sister Geddes and I paid for a huge thing of Hy. Peroxide in pennies because it was all we had. The store owner didn’t even count it… just told us to take the bottle and go!  lol
  • Every night sister Geddes and I name the stars. The names include:  junior companion, outcast,  mig mac, with friends,  big bang,  teancum, Paris, agency, and so on. 
  • This week I had to borrow a grandma’s bike while my stuff was being moved. I had to sit super low, with these super high handle bars... I've never had so much fun in my life.  I now know why all the grandma’s ride these bikes;  theyre smarter than us all. 
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