Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

My mission companion just emailed me and said, "So is it raining down there?"
I said, "My bike is rusting."

So this week it has rained.
and rained. 
and rained. 

I thought Texas could rain, but Taiwan can rain more. We are like the pioneers, every day we are cold and wet, and our skirts are muddy and dripping. I could tell some people didnt want to let us in because our legs and feet were so dirty lol. We had rain coats and everything, but when you ride a bike, it just doesnt matter. As I told Carina, "our muddy skirts are kinda weeding out those with true intent. Only those with truely open hearts would still let us in". We scream NOOO everytime we see a semi coming ebcause we know the splash is coming. Elder Teasdale said the rain is here to try out faith. I personally think its here because its monsoon season, but I like the optimism from the peanut gallery. 

On the other hand, our skin is really moisturized. 

So it turns out we have the best elders in the whole mission though. First of all, I was having a hard day, and we walked into church, and there was a motivating talk all printed out for me waiting on the table. It said at the top, "Sister Wawro, we are not counseling you. We repeat. We are not counseling you. President Eyering is." haha. Then my companion had a flat tire on Sunday, and we know they had a pump, so we called them. 40 minutes later we were wondering what in the wolrd happened, because they are like ten minutes away. So we went downstairs to check, only to find that they were inspecting all our bikes, including the spare, and were now working on bike #3. 

This week was also the week of service. Or should I say attempted service. We went to two members houses for service projects in the rain. One told us it would take 20 minutes to get to her house. Over an hour later, when we got to a feild that she wanted us to pull weeds at, we had to turn around because we had to head back for a lesson lol. Another member asked us to come at 7am to pick weeds in her garden. So we start down this little street, which slowly turns into a mountain path, which turns into a path that I would be scared to go up on a four-wheeler, much less a bike haha. It is a MIRACLE we did not crash, we were boucing so much. Then we get to the told... and its a locked gate. And no one is there haha. So next week we will try again. Then, an LA called and told us she wanted us to walk her dogs. We werent sure if we could really do that, but it turns out we got permission to. So we walked her dogs twice a day for two days. Who knew as a missionary. 

This week, unfortualty, we had to give all but one of our investigators to a nieghboring area :( :'(. I'm not sad. They'll be fine. They'll get baptized anyways :'',(  !!! 
It's fine.. :(

Love you all :)

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