Sunday, June 21, 2015

March 29, 2015

So- everytime someone sees a picture of dad they tell me how handsome he is. And how white is teeth are and how mine aren't white like his. Or how my eyes arent as blue as the rest of my family and I'm like. "yup I know." And then they are alike, "but oh you are still pretty, like a white model, so dont worry." And I'm like, "hmh ya sure, but what you are saying is I got the 2nd rate genes." lol. 

Taiwanese people are so straight forward. They're just like, "oh hey you look thinner than last week! That is good. I was worried you'd get fat." lol. It does wonders for my self esteem. If anyone comes and picks me up from Taiwan I'm not going to translate half of what these people say to you haha. 

But actually I just think the honestly is funny and refreshing now. Real friends tell you if you're fat. 

This week: was a growing week. We dropped all but one investigator and it was sad. Then we spent the week talking and teaching to people.. and we got rejected for five days straight. Lesson after lesson. It's okay because I feel like every missionary has to go through this stage again and again, but its in the push it stage. We have the faith, we are just still waiting on the miracles. 

One awesome lady, I love her so much, came and finally brought one of her kids to church! She is progressing towards her baptism goal so well! I am so excited. 

We went to the temple and I realized I'm at the halfway point of the mission where I have to start making plan for the rest of my life and future... and thats scary because my plan used to be go one a mission.. and now... well I realized thats only an 18 month experience.. not a lifetime experience. darn it. Reality hurts. 

5 things this week
  1. One of our recent converts completely changed her work schedule to help another recent convert on Sunday nights get her new member lessons! It was so cool! I'm pretty sure that they tagged me ina bunch of photos on Facebook
  2. My companion is a pro at killing mosquitoes. Last night she leapt out of bed, flicked the light on, swatted on, and went back to sleep. All in a bout 5 seconds. Remind me to stay on her good side. 
  3. I realized this week I never sit on my bike seat, I just ride around standing on my bike. I dont know how or why that started happening, but its been great for those obliques. 
  4. We are going to an amusement park today! There is nothing more scary than a Taiwanese amusement park haha. 
  5. So this sunday we had a special 3rd hour meeting and the presidents of the priesthood auxiliaries were sitting at the front of the room. Then, they called on all the deacons, teachers, and presist leaders to give reports. and then! The bishop took each one of their seats and put them up and the front of the room to sit at the heard of the room with him, as his counselors. It was actually super super cute because he regarded these young men as the wisest of all the leaders and this tiny little 12 year old is sitting up with these 60 year old men giving comments and reports as they taught from Preach My Gospel! I thought it was so so cool. Our ward is pretty sweet. Plus, they teach from Preach My Gospel! I mean what else can you ask for??? 
anyways, thats all. Expect that life is great and everyday is a party. A biking, really heavy party. 

Love you all, 

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