Sunday, June 21, 2015

"All I do is SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT no matter what"

Its humbling. What is it like to look decent? I dont even remember. 
On the bright side, I can be certain the people listening to our message have true desire, because no one else would meet with us sweatballs. 

I ate somewhere this week with roaches, beattles, and lizards on the wall... just hoping it wasnt in the soup. Who knows really. I bit into one meatball and turns out it was intestines... with stuff still in them. Gag me. #refinersfire

Guess what! The referrals are just coming out of the walls from members and from investigators! I don't know why or how, but suddenly we have piles of potential investigators. The future looks brihgt. 

Last night we went to find a former family and they werent there. There grandpa wwas, and he yelled at us, but the others werent. Anyways, we decided to knock on one last door before leaving the street- a random one a few houses down- and a man let us it! Aha, not so random, now was it? So, we taught him and his wife and one little boy. He had so many questions about God. Everytime I asked him for a committment he started to laugh... and then he would realize I was serious and saying , "Damn," in English lol. He said, okay, here's the deal- I will go to this mormon.org website tonight. And then I will starting reading that Book of Mormon. . . and you can try to come back and answer my questions about life before and after death.... if you have those answers. 

If I have those answers. Please. We live for these answers. 

On Talks. This week I was reading a talk. My companion looked over and was like, oh you have a lot of notes! It was Beware of Pride and I had marked all the places I need to improve. Truth hurts. 

I was also listening to something by Elder Bednar this week- and he was talking about how every dispensation of the world has looked forward to this era of the church. It wasnt better when Jospen Smith was a prophet. It wasnt better when Christ walked. This is the best time to be a member in the history of this church. How cool is that???? 

Lastly, I found Batman on a teaching record this week. Not sure what that was all about. 

Anyways, time is short today, got to go! Love you all! 

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