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Companion #11

April 5, 2015

So off on a new adventure. Im moving today. Again. To the hottest part of the island just in time for summer lol. Its like 110 in pure humidity,if you fall on the asfault you will get 3rd degree burns, and you cant wear makeup. I dont knwo how much of that is true, but I'll let you know. One thing is for sure though- iot is dang hott. 

Also, I am going to be with Sister Geddes!!! YAy my 11th companion! We were in the same MTC district! I think I am going to be loving life. Not really sure how the Chinese thing is gunna work out... but it will be okay...somehow. 

I had to say goodbye to my homeward and I cried when they all hugged me! They dont really huig here, so itrs a big deal. I love them all so much. And they all helped me so much as I struggled with this language and food here. I'm really gunna miss it all here. *sigh*

This week: I had a bad crash. I got a sprained ankle and my leg scraped up opertty bad. But that was all okay. Its still healing. We went and cleared graves! I didnt get to say good bye to my favorite investiagor beacuse she was in Japan... She is getting baptized in just a couple weeks and I have known her since we first found her... It is okay though. 

Honestly I am so scattered about moving and I've been up all night pcking, so I just cant even remember what happened this week. 

I really liked this part of the letter from President this week. He said: 

We are blessed with the privilege of serving as His special representatives for this short period of our lives. We wear His sacred name on our chest and we seek daily for opportunities to testify of Him. I testify of His life, His ministry and His mission. I testify of the reality of His atoning sacrifice and of His resurrection. Because of His Atonement, we can be freed from past mistakes and overcome current faults and weaknesses. Because of His Plan of Salvation, we too can hope of seeing our loves ones again and of having an eternal association with them. I testify that He lives and because He lives, we too shall live.

President Blickenstaff
Mentor of Champions

PS. Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite emails last week: A great miracle we saw this week was when we taught a Sister Chen….We had taught her once before and she seemed pretty set on being Buddhist so when we went back the second time we didn't feel like there would be much more we could do. However, we decided to teach her the Restoration again and invite her to be baptized. The lesson went well, she had some great questions and comments and accepted the invitation on condition of knowing the message is true! It was incredible! She went from being what we thought was pretty hai hao to accepting the invite because we were challenging and testifying missionaries. After that we decided she was ready enough right then so we went to the canal behind her house and baptized her. Just kidding. We didn't do that...but thank you for having us read that talk again this week.

Ya so I am about to get on a train all day and go to GaoXiong. I told Sister Rolfing that I figured I would be goign soutand then slowly work my way back up towards mission headquarters through my mission. And that I would have to be senior companion soon. Well... about three hours later we got a phone call with the news. She asked me what it felt like to eat my words haha. 

well got to go the teh train station in m\ten minutes! Next time I will def throw in some great stories. Love you all!

Ohotos below!
  • gravesweeping. It was so good to be near my MTC companion for such a short time. 
  • THE ADVENTURE PARK! Ya the Taiwnese adventure ppark was horrifying. That roller roaster holds youat a 90 degree angle!!!!! I thought I was gunna DIE! I rode it twice of course.
  • My little legs. Por legs. They're okay though. 
  • Sayign goodbye to my ward! Ah!! 
  • And Sis Rol. and I at the trainstation
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