Sunday, June 21, 2015

Companion #12

So. I am moving again. No, not a joke. This is not a drill. I’ll be moving to area number seven this week and saying goodbye to my wonderful companion Sister Geddes. I really have no idea where I am going. Or who I'll be with.  haha.  Carina asked me if I liked moving.  I said I did like moving until about right now haha.  This I thought, Okay I like adventures, but this is a little excessive. 

Moving on.  (ha. literally).  This area is great.  We have two especially darling investigators who will be getting baptized, I am sure of it.  They are the kind of people who want to take the Gospel Principles book home and study it.  I hope I'm close enough to see their baptisms. 

Chinese. is an adventure everyday. I might be senior companion, but I lean on Sister Geddes a lot. I don’t know what I'd do without her. 

Our Anniversary.  Sister Geddes and I had our five month anniversary on island last Saturday. We celebrated by eating some oreo whipped thingy and a double cheeseburger from McDonalds.  That’s right, I ate cheese.  Loved every bite. It was the one time I'll use my senior companion position to usurp power.  "McDonalds... McDonalds right now." haha.  I didnt even like it before a mission, but McDee's is quite a classy place in Taiwan. They even have a silent study section upstairs.  It was a treat.  I could hear dad in my head singing. "Sister Wawro is great.  She gives us oreo cake." 

The Best Parts of the Week. 
Because this is Taiwan, and the further south you go, the crazier it gets (like every country. Heat does things to people man. It's just not right). 
  • I watched a man lick his ice cream cone, and then.. let his dog lick it.  And then... ya he went back to licking it.  And so it went on.  It was so horrible, but I couldnt look away. 
  • Did you know zoo in Chinese is "animal garden?"  Learned that this week. 
  • This week we went to a park to have a lesson.  The investigator wasnt there yet... but these pigeons where... and we were still on bikes...so, naturally, I rode my bike through flocks of pigeons, stirring them all up, and enjoyng every minute.  I was a little worried they would swarm me with anger for disturbing them... but it was so fun.  My companion just watched in disbelief.
  • We had Elder Schweider come over and do an inspection of our apartment to make sure everything was working.  Well... everything was good, so we said goodbye and two minutes later he reshows up at our door!  Turns out he had forgotten his shoes... and it made it all the way out of the complex to the street.  We were like wait... how did you.. ??
  • I forgot to tell you last week I had this nightmare that I was stuck on a train with an Elder T who would not stop talking to me for hours and hours.  When they called and told me I was moving, I said, “Oh, ELder T is going isn’t he?"  They didnt know, but the next day, there was Elder T!  We only had standing tickets so guess what, I was the person to talk to for 3.5 hours while we stood haha. Elder T really is super awesome and optimistic and great, but I just thought it was funny. 
  • We just had a man come up to us at the hospital this morning (for my ankle) and starting speaking Spanish to us. Amazingly, Sister Geddes and I could understand enough to understand, but when we tried to speak.. only Chinese came  back. So then he was trying to teach us how to respond is Spanish, using Chinese. Mind-blowing. 
And speaking of learning Spanish, we had interviews this week.   One of our zone leaders speaks Spanish, so while my companion was interviewing, he taught me and the APs a bunch of gospel words.  He said, "okay basically anything over three syllabus in the same word, but with a Spanish accent." We sat there and just listed words and names. Yup, he was right, every one. 
We were so used to memorizing quickly that by then end we had most of the Spanish words down. The two APs, who didn’t really every have Spanish were like, "Wow this language is great!  I feel so accomplished!  No wonder people love Spanish!.” We all walked away feeling great about ourselves... then we went outside and had to speak Chinese. 

Anyways, I wish I could share more about the investigators or things happening in the area, but its confidential.  Rest assured that miracles are happening and that eternal progression is being made!  Missions are the best.  Hopefully I can share more after some baptisms!

I know God lives, and that he personally directs His work. His loves you. He has a plan specifically for you. You can do it! 

So much love, 
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