Sunday, March 22, 2015

so news flash:  today is actually not pday.  Yup.  Because we are getting new missionaries on Friday, Friday is pday!  WHOOO Do you know what this means??  It means we can go to zoos and meusums and all that great things that are always closed on Monday!!  Oh we are pumped!

In other news: I have realized that we are getting new missionaries... and in six week, or 12 week, almost all the older sisters will be going home... and then 13 new sisters will come.  Do you know what this means?  It means Sister Wawros Chinese needs to get really good really really fast. Because she is going to have to be senior companion faaaar before she is comfortable. Better screw my smile on! Or my game face. Ooo raw. 

Sister Browder dropped off stuff for me at my apartment! I SCREAMED when I saw the dictionary! I was so happy! Good Chinese dictionaries are impossible to find. That thing is worth more than gold. The sisters are making fun of me for my cereal, but haters gunna hate lol. I am also loving Doterra and almost all my ailments have been healed. Sister Browder also made a Costco run for me because there were Costco muffins and extra goodies in this HUGE costco box! Seriously, Christmas. I have  pictures at the bottom! 

We are teaching a family :). That is right! I was thinking a lot about it and about dad's family and how they joined,and how we need Preisthood and I was so tired ofbaptizing members without their families, and it is so hard for them to endure to the end without thier family! So then... we got an awesome referral from a member to teach this family! And they are darling and have two small kids and the father is so willing!  We kept bearing our testimony to him that church was good and He kept saying, "thank you thank you for that." Honestly, I wasnt sure if he meant it or it he was trying to get me to stop talking. Then we mentioned prayer and he goes, "Oh I like that!  Yes, her cousin came over and said this beautiful prayer of the food, and there was just thing amazing grateful and peaceful feeling in the air. I would like to be able to do that." And of course we were jumping up and down going WE CAN TEACH YOU WE CAN DO THAT! And then we convinced his friends, another family, to come to our English class with their family later in the week!!!!!! 

Anyways, I wrote this to president about it: 

President!! We are teaching a family!   A family!  A beautiful perfect little family with two tiny kids and a super willing husband!  We are over the moon. We were really praying for this, because in order for the gospel to really spread, we need whole families and we need Priesthood. Also, a less active came back to church and said she can’t wait to come back next week!  She's started bringing her niece!  This transfer is going to be so great. . . We set a solid baptism date with an investigator this week.  At first we were worried because our peike (member at the lesson) just started talking about the word of wisdom and giving up tea. Our investigator said, "what what? What do I have to give up? What kind of tea? Coffee too? Oh dear" and so then when we went for setting up a baptism date, she said, "oh yes that sounds like a good idea, because I have to be used to not drinking tea by then. Maybe you could explain more why next time." She has not even had a complete lesson one. 

Yes happy happy happy

Someone asked me again this week what my favorite thing about being a missionary was. I said my favorite thing is watching people change. Missionaries, members, investigators, all of us. I love it.  And then just seeing how God is waaaay waaaay too good. Adn then also, making my companion laugh. So really, I can’t pick. 

One of my recent converts (people I taught) is going on a mission! I guess she decided to postpone marrying this member she was dating/engaged to and go on a mission. Holy snap I leave her alone for five minutes and... haha. 

She sent me this note and I was fighting back tears! I tried to clip out the personal stuff but look! 

"I felt since you and Madison taught me about the plan of salvation that first day we met that I was going to be in your position one day.  That feeling was part of the reason that I felt very driven to keep learning. I thought that I'd have to choose between a mission and him (her boyfriend).  So, I kept trying to push that feeling away.  But the feeling kept coming back very strongly that I need to go on a mission.  Finally I realized that if I didn't go and we got married, I would regret it for a very long time . . . I have faith that my mission will bless my family. I think that I personally need that true refinement and testing of faith to develop a strong foundation in the church for myself, my family, my marriage, and my children.  I also recognize that without missionaries, I would not have discovered this church and I wouldn't feel this true happiness and clarity of purpose in my life, which is the most wonderful feeling ever! I feel happier on a normal day now than on my happiest days before my baptism.  It is incredible!  I just want to share it with people."

She goes on to say that her parents have gone from flat out rejecting the church to helping at institute. And... Her car was dead to go to the baptism, but her dad helped her fix it to come.  Wow.  I'm just so beyond happy.  And she is visiting the temple for the first time next week!!!!! THIS IS WHY WE GO ON MISSIONS! 

She also said, "The power of God is so evident in my life through little miracles every day.  By small and simple means are great things brought to pass!" I love her.  

Weird Food Wednesday:
Chicken Feet soup. A member made me eat it. LUCKILY I found a chunk of chicken breast and filled my bowl with broth, so she thought I ate a foot... but my companion did not get to lucky. hehe 

Five things:
  1. We are going to bring the gospel to six people this transfer. Thats our goal so that what will happen. 
  2. I have enough cereal to feed a third world country
  3. We had a Harry Potter English party this week... They didnt really get it. Pictures below. 
  4. My companion is a rockstar with street contacting. People reject me like crazy, but they'll even get out of a car for her. 
  5. I had an old woman tell me my phone an text messages were lies this week.   And not to follow anyone who says to come to church for free because they are "lying people" and want to fool me since I could only speak English. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her I spoke Chinese or that I was one of those inviting people... oh well. 

And speaking of rejecting
Rejection of the Week:
I had a woman just ignore me. So I tried to hand her a paper,and she rolled her window up!  With my paper in it!  And I was like, "excuse me!  Sorry but my paper is in your window." And she just starred straight ahead and ignored me. So I told her again.  And she just shook her head no again!  And I was like, “Can you still hear me in there?" And she shakesher head no! haha. So I said, "okay well you can just have my paper then... God bless you.”  And she just keeps shaking her head and saying no no no haha.  People... 

Happy Potter Picture: 

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