Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sorry there is not much this week. It has been straight up crazy. I  cannot believe that a week has gone by.  It’s so fast that I can't even remember what I did. It feels like a day.  Holy smokes. 

Today I am moving BACK TO MY FIRST AREA!!  Whoohooo!  Now that I've had a nice little tour of four areas, it's time to go back home and guess what!  Another set of awesome sisters will be living with me! Its gunna be like a big party! I am so excited. 

And I'm so excited to see my members and investigators. And my new companion!  Okay here is the deal.  Her name is Sister Voss.  I just met her like 5 minutes ago, but I've heard from everyone that she is absolutely hilarious.  President wrote me and told me she was really hardworking and that he thought we would work well together, so it must be true!  She's from Reno and this is her first time being senior companion. Hopefully she's not too stressed about that... I don't know I will ask her when she gets off email lol. 

Here's a clipping from my letter to President: 

"Hello President! I hope you are well. Having new missionaries here is so exciting!  I have had a good week.  I really wanted to take care of Sister Medrano this week and help her with her knee and her work, but I really think she ended up taking care of me so much more. And she teaches with such love! I was so so blessed to be with her. 

All that being said- I am so ready to be back in Beituan and just WORK! I really wanted to just teach by the spirit and see miracles and consecrate and just do missionary goodness. This week I was reading D&C and I was just struck by how much The Lord wants us to ask, to call down miracles, and expect them. And He wants to ask for what we want, and to give our whole complete souls. I'm just so excited to apply the teachings of Sister Sears, Sister Cao, and Sister Medrano to Beituan and call down those miracles. 

Thank you for giving me a companion who was willing to work hard.  I've wondered if I really had the strength to motive a companion, and hearing all these wonderful things about Sister Voss has done wonders for my optimism." 

So that's where I am right now. Filled with optimism and the bright future of being in Beituan. This week we have.. ready.. MISSION ZONE CONFERENCE!  It’s going be great! I'm pretty sure its going to be about being consecrated missionaries and inviting everyone to baptism in order to find people who are prepared. .. because that's what the assigned talks were about. I don't know though. But! I feel the air of excitement and big changes. Yay. 

Anyway, Sorry, I'm sure I'll have more stories next week.  Let the adventures begin with companion #10! 

Wish me luck! 
Love you all
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