Sunday, October 25, 2015

We Store out Stuff at Seven Eleven. We Own this Place

So I am still in PingDong. for now. What the?? No one trains and then stays in an area. Except me. Always the exception, never the rule. 

Kinda like always the bridesmaid, never the bride, but .. not. 

Ok, so. I said goodbye to my little trainee and sent her to the first apartment I ever lived in. What the?? Crazy. Im all nervous for her. Then a member and I literally sat there like all day waiting for my companion... because she was supposed to get off an incoming train... but she didnt. and then next one? She didnt. And again, nope. After nearly an hour I start calling the zone leaders and other sisters until I get to her last companion, who said, "oh she should be at the Feng Shan station."
Feng Shan?? We live in Ping Dong!

Oh no. 

So then I start begging sisters in GaoXiong to ride to FengShan. Before they get there my companion calls from another phone! She is at GaoXiong Main station! She got off at the wrong place. We arrange for her to get a ticket down here. So thats another hour of waiting. The Elders headed south show up and say that they lost her on the train! How do you loose somone on a sitting train? *face palm* So we all wait. She then calls me from another number to say she is on her way. 

Then about 40 minutes later we get a call, from another number! It is her. She is in PingDong! but we are standing by the only exit from the train... she she had to walk past us! She agrees to back tract. 

Then another phone call from another phone number! It occurs to me that she is making friends along the way and using all of their phones! She then pops up around the corner and immediately gives us both hugs. 

I like her. 

She may be the most expressive and direct person I have ever met haha. 

Anyways, we go grocery shopping as fast as we can, and then we have to go home to put the frozen stuff in the fridge.. but then we'd have less time to email... so we start looking around to see if the food could be left in the bike box until 9pm. 
The conversation (translated) went like this:

Me: So everything but the soymilk can be refrozen and be fine. How long does it take for soymilk to go bad?

Her: Uhhhhhh.. it will go bad by 9pm.

Me:Then we gotta go back

Her: Oh. ya it definitely will go bad by 9pm. 

Okay then. Home it is. 

Her: Or...

Me: What?

We could go to seven eleven. 


Ya, and ask them to put it in their fridge. 

What the... Can you do that????

Her: Well... no. But I do unprecedented things all the time. Lets try!

So then we marched into seven and she smooth talked the cashiers into letting us store our milk in the seven eleven fridges until 9pm tonight!!!!!
Hopefully no one tries to buy it... 

Who is this chick? Hehe , its gunna be great. 

Okay that's all for now folks. I wont be on air next Monday, but tune in the following Monday for the next broadcast for a premier special. Until then, 

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