Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'm in Polynesia

So our milk was fine in the fridge at Seven Eleven. No one bought it at least haha. 

This week I had a lizard in my helmet. It was kinda like that scene from Parent Trap where the mean lady freaks out and then the lizard crawls in her mouth. Except it didnt crawl into my mouth. thank goodness. 

So, my companion has  a British accent when she speaks English. I cannot figure out why for the life of me. 

Also, the third day we are together, she points to the menu and says, "Chicken!" and I nod... like.. ya I know... And then she says (in Chinese and Enlgish) "This one is Chicken... *points to her leg* and This one is Chicken... um um.. " and then she starts beating her chest. Like a monkey. I try not to laugh, and I'm like, "I'm sorry what? I didnt quite catch that." So she does the gesture bigger, and seeing the exasperate look on my face, she does it again bigger. People are watching at this point. Seeing the puzzled look of my face, she jumps in the air. At this point I cant take it anymore and I bust out laughing. She says, "Do you understand now?"
I replied in Chinese, "Ya- I read the sign, it said Chicken breast. I cant read a menu, but watching you try to act it out was way to fun to stop you." She hit me haha. Her other companion didnt read menus I so she thought she had to explain haha. 

But my chinese isnt really that great because this week in a lesson in stead of saying, "When my companion was talking, Irealized Ihad a similar feeling", I said, "When my companion was talking I realized I had a trashy feeling." My companion said oh.. no.. and then I realized what I said, corrected it and then we all laughed for awhile. Dumb Americans. 

Speaking of which, we went to the mountain and basically found out that it is mini polynesia. No joke. And it is now my favorite place in the world. We have a lot of new investigators and some even came to church yesterday. They are really special people. When I'm there and teaching them I this feeling that I really do know them. And the weird thing is that one of the husbands looks like a polynesian/chinese version of my dad.. its weird. I know... Icant figure it out either. 

But more on that latter as it develops. Because my companion and I love going there. 
This week we had an investigator drop out of her baptism in two weeks. She is a really special person. We are gunna meet with her one last time this saturday. I really love this investigaotr, so if you could pray for her... thank you. 

Okay that's all! Sorry I had so much to talk about but no time. 
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