Sunday, October 25, 2015


Fumigated! We are being fumigated! That means our apartment is being fumigated today because of all the mosquitoes with diseases.. We wrapped up all our stuff- mattresses, fridge, fans, silverware, shampoos, emptied the desks- and wrapped everything in plastic. Cuz apparently the stuff gets sticky if it touches the air? I dont know. We are staying at the Tainan 1st Sisters' tonight and then we will unpack in all Tuesday night and Wednesday haha. Fun times. 
I told other missionaries we were being fumigated and they said:
  • it happens.. well no not really. but it happened. 
  • oo fun
  • furnished?? wow I'd love to be refurnished

We had a great baptism this week! She is so awesome! I will tell you the miracle story next week and we have another baptism this next week! Pictures coming soon! 

 My companion is a thoroughbred work horse! 

We dropped a lot more investigators, but they just didnt have real intent. We felt peace about it. 

sorry thats all I have time for!

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