Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Shortest Letter Ever

I am good. 

I forgot we had a typhoon until you all asked. Got used to it I guess! We went walking in the rain Monday night until it was time to go out. It was fine my Tuesday morning. 

Things are great here! We are so busy! Running around like craaaaaazy to get to all our lessons! We missed a couple dinners and had to eat during nightly planning. We have a baptism interview tonight and hopefully a few more soon. I'll send pictures soon. Its the best area yet! Tainan is the old capital of Taiwan and the oldest city here! Theres so much history and it is so cool. 

Funny moment for the fans: My companion has perfect English but if you talk to her first thing in the morning or late at night after fasting-- she has no idea what you are saying. Yesterday she just starred at me for a minute and then was like, "Ummmm I think you forgot that I dont speak French. Just English. Can you speak English?" To which I replied, "That was English. I dont speak French, what the?" 

Okay got to go! Keep our investigators in your prayers! Love you all! 

Sister Wawro
It's Zoro, with a W. 

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