Sunday, October 25, 2015

Im Rude to Investigators

It was finally a little cooler this week. Thank you heavenly father...
I am getting a new companion today. Everyone loves her so I think it will be good, ya? She was just my trainee's companion so ya! Small world. And Sister Shen is going to be my trainee's new companion.
This week:
  1. So I wathced conference with a dog on my lap Sunday (yes, at church). I'm just starved for physical contact and she was all I had. 
  2. I told an investigator that I wouldnt change her date when she wanted to move it back. I'm not sure what came over me, but I told she was going to quit coffee. Then we encourged a presithood blessing,. which she was kinda wishy washy about. Finally I was like, "Okay so you've talked for 30 minutes, will you or will you not accept the help of God? Your choice" So rude! Cant believe myself, but guess what, she stopped drinking coffee immediatly and is now getting baptized in two weeks! And she loves me for helping her! ha.. go figure. 
  3. I got out of bed at 6:30 to say my prayers. I woke up at 7:30, still on my knees. I had slept for an hour on my knees. . .
  4. I added it up, and we spent 15 hours this week in meetings. shoot me. 

What I said to President
This week we had a great planning session, and after the last two weeks of success, we decided we could reach higher, teach more than 15 peikes and find more than 3 news and etc etc. All worthy goals I think. But then, as we got to the end of planning, we had a nagging lack of peace, and we had to stop. And we had to ask... "Okay. So we've got some great goals. With some great investigators that will go nearly double mission standards... but are we helping people come unto Christ??". Am I helping people come unto Christ? I wasnt sure I was all the time. Sometimes yes, sometimes I needed to improve. The thing is, we have such a great area that we should be able to hit the standards pretty easily... but there is one number that we don't count that matters: people converted to Christ. To baptism. So we had to correct ourselves, and help people actually come unto Christ. not just come to some lessons.

An investigator come and told us she had to change her date because she wasnt giving up coffee. I told her no, that we werent changing it. She was startled. And then we said that she had been active for 6 months, she knew everything and was really, she just needed to quit coffee and be baptized. And she said she couldn't because of headaches adn she couldnt handle the smell of her coworkers coffee. So we had a lesson a priesthood blessings and she was still hesitant. Then I said, "okay so these are the methods we have. Will you or will you not accept the additional help of heaven?" and she said yes! (so direct... who am I). and got a blessing. Then guess what, she called us after Monday and told us she didnt drink coffee! She forgot about it! And then Tuesday! Wednesday... finally by Thursday she asked her coworkers why they had all stopped drinking coffee for her. They replied that they hadnt.. infact they had been drinking every day. She realized she hadnt even smelled it and didnt even notice. So.. she's getting baptized next Saturday! Yay! 

Okay got to go! Love you all!

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