Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Perfect Missionary

Hey FamBam,
and fans,

This week has flown by. I cant even remember what happened other than a lot of meetings and then stake conference that president came to, and average missionary work. And ya. 

Sometimes I look at all the stories of these epic missionaries and Ithink... like.. I gotta step it up. but step it up to what? Im not sure. Because I am doing my best. Im just not as awesome as I always imagined missionaries to be. Im pretty much just doing ordinary missionary things. I talk to people. I bear my testimony. I try by best to keep the mission schedule and rules. I could do better at all of those things, but I really strive to do it all. and I dont feel this rapid rush of spiritual guidance a lot. sometimes, but mostly, no. Mostly, investigators drop us, or stand us up, or drop their baptism dates, and normal stuff just goes wrong. I'm not baptizing throngs of people, heck, I'm just trying to stay afloat with the ones I have. I hit some mission standards every week, but I often to fail to hit them all.  

as Im typing this out I realize how ridiculous I sound. 

Because the idea of the perfect missionary I have in my head isnt even a real person. Its not a person with weaknesses, and who has to lean on Christ daily. Its a person who can do it all himself, with the spirit at his side. 

I want to be a good example to my cousins and kids about what it means to really be an awesome concentrated missionary, but at the end of the day, I think I'm a pretty average missionary, just trying to do the day's work.

But I guess the miracle in it is that we are still the voice-piece for the spirit,even though we all have cracks. That's now the light gets it :) 

Here is part of the letter I sent president this week

Miracle of the week. We were teaching a family, a family we love, and who.. just wasnt progressing towards baptism. Or maybe they were, but at a glacial pace. He finished reading the Book of Mormon last week, and believes its the word of God, but we always lose them with authority. Sister Liao and I just didnt know what to do. And we just prayed so so hard before our lesson with them, and asked people to pray with us. And we started teaching lesson three again, but somehow the lesson got to the temple. Brother Jian said, "sometimes when I read the Book of Mormon I feel my ancestors around me, reading with me." At that moment I just felt a spiritual rush and.. I just really felt like they were there. And that there were so many on the other side of the veil who were praying for them too, because they needed the Jians. We talked about the temple, and they didnt take a date, but they started to attend all three hours with the whole family. After the lesson my companion said, hey when he said that about his ancestors did... you feel that? Them all around us?" And I did. I think it was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had. 

Love you all, 
bye bye!

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