Sunday, October 25, 2015

Emergency Transferred

So guess what. 

I got emergency transferred. [Not my emergency, some one else's]. 

So I get to go to paradise :). 

Or so I hear. I think PingDong is pretty sweet but the I'm replacing my MTC companion in TaiNan. TaiNan is famous for having the best food in Tainan, Its a big city, andthis area and district is ON FIRE! I think we're having three baptisms in the next month. Yay. Party! And my companion is Taiwanese, cuter, and I hear everyone loves her. And, small world, Elder Teasdale is my district leader. Which means he\s my district leader for like half my time in Taiwan haha. Good thing we're friends. 

But ya I was sad to leave PingDong. Heavenly Father gave me so many littel miracles my last 48 hours there. For example! My favorite family of investigators started having family scripture study and studying as a couple! We had a less-active rescue that Sunday.. she is now a ward missionary! And a recent convert came down all the way from Taibei! Our eternal investigator asked me what questions there were in the baptismal interview, the bishop was actually sad to have me go, and we hit the mission standards with flying colors. I got to see and say goodbey to everyone that I love, and last but not least we had a ward activity saturday for the MidAutunm Festival and the members wer SO GOOD to our investigators! And there were so many new people we were gunna start teaching! It was like a little piece of heaven, a little pat on the back. 

And then at the end of the night, as we are walking into the apartment uilding, I feel a little tug on my skirt. And the, I look down to see a little someone hugging my legs. Our little neighbor girl who is a former! then her mom comes over, and her sister, and then her dad, and her brother! And they are all super excited to see me! And so my companion gets a chance to meet them and set up with them and it turns out.. that their relatives all live in TaiNan so they will be visiting! And they asked what ward so they could come to church! It was such a tender mercy. 

And then my companion stayed up half the night packing with me. I've moved again and again and no one does that... bless her. 

In other funny news:
1. My companion mixed up discuss and disgust a lot when talking. Its confusing. but funny. 
2. Elder Ludwig was contacting this person at the stoplight. And he said, "Hello I'm- *reaches for the name tag*- oh.. ummm." *realizes the nametag is not there and says*- "I'm sorry, I forgot who I am today."    The person freaked out and ran a redlight haha. 

Thats all for now folks! Sorry I cant remember beofre two days ago because I'm working on like no sleep! But, I love you!

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