Sunday, August 23, 2015

To My Fans

Helllllllllo fan base! Glad to see you are all still with me and reading my emails. I'm on the last stretch of this mission and your dedication is commendable. I applaud you; congratulations on making it this far. To those who have stopped emailing me, I forgive you, you know not what you do. 
Just another week in the flood plains of Taiwan. God's gotta keep it interesting. He's trying to tell all of Taiwan that they should be baptized, but they arent getting it... so we're following behind the rain and telling them what all the rain means, but they havent started to believe us just yet. S'all good. 

Our investigators are doing great! They are progressing. Some, a little faster than others, but they are all coming towards Christ and that is what matters! We have a nice big pool of people we are working with and so we are happy clams. Especially the ones with dates!!!yayy!! I have resigned to the fact that I wont live to see anyone baptized in person here before I go, but I would rather meet the investigators and start teaching than be at the end anyways. So God gave me my wish. 

I'll be moving in two weeks I think. Just a guess. A strong guess. So I'm trying to make sure things are in order. 
Today Elder Teasdale moved on an emergency transfer because he is training! We were all so so sad. And him and I have both been here forever in Ping Dong, so I it was sad to see my buddy go. Now I am actually the oldest missionary here and have to answer all the questions about the ward? Heavens to Betsy, someone start praying quick. 

This week in five things:
  1. We say four miracles in the first hour of p=day last week. We ran into two investigators, one inactive RC, one member, and another girl deciding to go on a mission all on our bike ride on the way to the church. :)
  2. Also, we wrote an arrange my ear for zone conference that night. The performance went well. 
  3. We played a match game at zone conference, and it wasnt even hard because we are all so used to memorizing. Literally, the missionaries were'nt even trying and they were like, "oh ya I saw that card ten minutes ago, third from the left on the sixth row" haha. Easy as pie. I think the woman who made it was a little discouraged because we never got one wrong haha.
  4. Confident in our new composing skills, I wrote a four part harmony to a primary song that we performed sunday. That was fun. I felt bad that the chords were all super complicated but we thought it sounded okay in the end. 
  5. The senior couple came and inspected our apartment, said our apartment was terrible but we had made it miraculously more clean than before. Then the next day we came home and they had dropped us off a bunch of new stuff! mattress covers, toaster oven, real plates, a hose for the washer, etc! We told them it was like Santa came. They said, "hohoho."
My companion is almost done with training. Sometimes she says our language practice feels like this:

I got a good laugh. Well that's all folks! Love ya,
Until next week, 
or for those who dont write me, 
until next Dec 27, 

Sister Ashley Wawro

P.S. Below is attatched a hilarious email from my companion's friend. It is so funny I attatched it below:


Hi mum the mission is so great! I love everyday! the people are the nicest! you can tell they like americans! they call us yankees, like one man i said i´m from the united states. he said los matamos aqui, jajaja what ever that means. almost everyday we have lunch with a member! they are so sweet and feed us well! mostly we eat a lot of chicken! Hey did you know we can eat chicken medium rare? i thought we´d get salmanela but sister mage said that´s only in salmon. she´s really sweet the otherday we got to chop down a tree in her yard! it was awesome i got to climb a tree with a machete!!! that´s when we found Fred! oh ya, Fred is our new pet, he´s a brazilian banana spider, sister mage said he´s only poisious if he bites, so we cant make him angry, he´s cool, we´re going to teach Fred how to swim later! we want to teach him how to swim incase it floods again, hey did you know if you pipes break your apartment will flood? it wasn´t too bad, on the other hand our floor is really clean now!
Teaching the gospel is takes so much energy so everyday we try to stay fit so we and feel the spirit more! somedays my companions is too dedicated to fitness, like when the gangsters shout hey Mormones! like they want to hear the gospel, he says we should start running, I don´t know why he likes running at night, it seems like the best time to share a message about the light of christ! 

Speaking of messages did you get the letter from the hospital? it was a nice visit, the doctor did however say that i shouldn´t give myself stitches, oh don´t worry mom i only had 4, did you know we´re not supposed to use thread from the sewing kit for open wounds? oh The mission is great mum! later we have to go to the pharmacy, probably cause elder matis has another paracite, no big deal it´s probably from the cow stomach we ate the other day! Elder Fru said we shouldn´t have eaten it after leaving it out all night but what ever my stomach is like the iron rod! 

Love you mom we´re going to try and ride the elephant at the zoo!  

Elder Schoonover

Ps, when was my last tetna shot?
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