Monday, August 3, 2015

Zion's Camp

other than giving one of our favorite investigators to the elders and biking for almost 5 hours saturday, I dont have much new to announce. Oh ya and there theres tha tyear mark thing, but no one wants to talk about that. 
Did you know your calves can sweat? I didnt know? 
Its so hot here that when you pray at the end of the day you slide on the floor.

My old companion just emailed me:
"My dear, I'm engaged.

Hahahha. I am just kidding."
trickster. But she is the only one not engaged so... she got me. 

Anyways, letter this week:

Zion's Camp:

I'm camping. And in camping you pack all your gear. 
Me, I've been camping for over a year. 

In camping you learn real real quick, 
which gear is heavy, and which gives you a fit. 

You keep what you need, dump out the rest, 
but not to re-pack to soon is the ultimate test. 

You'll say lots of prayers, hear lots of talks,
and there's no fate worse than getting wet socks. 

In camping, sometimes it kinda sucks. 
You'll hike for hours just to get stuck in some ruts.

It's physically hard, you'll sweat a lot,
and sleep on a bed that feels like a cot. 

You'll get bitten, get tired, eat food with foul taste,
but be expected to smile and keep up a good paste. 

While camping you find out real quick, that happiness
depends on the people you're with. 

You'll get closer to people, make some new friends.
They're your best souvenirs when this journey ends. 

While camping, you learn some impressive new skills, 
conqueror some fears, take parasite pills. 

You clean up after yourself, bring your own kit, 
You leave every place better than you found it. 

Camping builds character. Brings you to new heights. 
You'll climb to new peaks and see beautiful sights. 

At some point in camping, you realize you need a shower.
You'll accept that you need one more by the hour. 

Which is fine, because camping can't be your whole life.
You go home to apply the lessons you learned on your hike. 

You'll come home exhausted, excited, and ready to kick it,
but deep down you know how much you will miss it. 

Not so much for the hiking, or sweating, or tears,
But because of all God helped you put into those years. 

Cuz you knew from the start, when you got the call, 
that camping really isn't about you at all. 

But its changed you, grown you, given you a new start,
and when you pack up from camping
it's like packing your heart. 

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