Monday, August 3, 2015

Ice Ice Dragon

No Typhoons. So disappointing. 

In other news, I’ve been battling a dragon all week. Every night… I am awakened by ice- ice being poured on me! From the AC above my bed!  And the AC makes this terrible growling sound and screaming sound! An ice blowing machine that only strikes in your sleep! It wakes me up every half hour. So, basically its a Chinese torture device. I turn it off to turn the noise off, but then it’s so hot in ten minutes I wake back up to turn it back on until the ice starts in 30 minutes when its cold again.

I am so sleep deprived its ridiculous. But operations is working on it, so it’ll be fine. 

In other news this week:
  • I saw my MTC teacher! She was just touring around Taiwan!  What a tender blessing because I saw her by accident  (Accident? Oh please, no way). 
  • We got a mint plant. It took us two days to kill the mint plant... 
  • We had interviews this week! It was great. 
  • Also, it was feed the missionaries week because every time we came to church someone was waiting with food, even investigators.
  • We are making some headway with our eternal investigator! WHOOOO!
  • The elders thoughtfully moved our bikes quite a distance out of the rain, so they were waiting in the church lobby area when we walked out of a lesson. #tendermercies
  • We finally got to take the trash out. Sounds simple, but we have too many appointments at night :(
  • Starting next week I'm one of the oldest sisters in the mission. Freaks me out.
  • There is this Elder who is like a child, literally- he always has toys and war heads and frozen pens and pranks- and I never really disliked him, but I just kinda ignored him. This week I realized he was actually making my life more fun.  For example, we were all sweeping, and he was belting our songs and he turns and says, “Sister Wawro, you don't look like you're having FUN." hahaha.  So now, I have to repent and thank God for the childish Elder that makes us all laugh.  We're friends now. 
Also this week, we had so many miracles! We got a whole family more committed to learning the gospel and met a woman who had a son who has to have major brain surgery, so the elders gave her a blessing and she LOVES US and church and hates her religion… so is willing to meet with us! Which is a miracle because they own a temple with a fortune teller and everything... but she thinks that its "of the devil and wants not part of it" so she will bring her sons to church to learn of God instead.  Well , alrighty then!  We are here for her!

If you are going to pray for me, please pray for baptisms!  We have investigators but we need to help them get baptized!  Thank you all! love you so much!post signature

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