Monday, August 3, 2015

Weddings are Missionary Tools

I can’t remember what happened this week. It’s all a blur and Idont have much time! BUT!

We attended a wedding this week. And they were the best missionaries EVER!!  No really… they:
  • Took bridals with the Book of Mormon and Bible
  • Took photos at the chapel and temple
  • Handed out Family Proclamations as people walked into the reception
  • Had a show, were they sang hymns
  • And each gave a talk on eternal families
  • They invited the bishop to do the same
  • Complete with and opening and closing prayer
  • Invited all of us to contact their friends over dinner…

  • Areyouflabbergast?   I am and I’m only remember half of what they did.  Wow! Do I have some room for improvement. 

We’ve started calling them the "power couple."

Here's a snippet from my letter to President:
 Okay so here is the gist quickly, things are good. My companion- good.  The bishop finally agreed to meet with us and we have a REAL WARD PLAN. Not having a plan has been a stuggle here, but now we have a plan to meet the stake goal and we are excited. 
I got a blessing this week and it said that The Lord was proud of me. That I was doing the right things here, even though I doubted myself, and that I was doing the work He wanted me to do here. I was so relieved because sometimes we've felt so pulled between lack of baptisms and the ward, and all this. I didnt know how much I needed to hear it until I heard it. 

SCRIPTURES:  Finished D&C just barely.  I'm going to be a consecrated member for life, not just a consecrated missionary.  Not sacrificing, consecrating. This is Zion’s camp and I intend to start the building when I'm home. 

MIRACLES: Getting a ward plan. 

That is all! We're just laboring in the hot part of the vineyard down here!  Feel free to throw water or a towel our way! 

Okay family that is all! Sorry about the letter today!

Ilove you!  
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