Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Trojan Horse and Typhoons Got Nothin' On Us

Typhoon came.   Is that how you spell it in English? Such a hard word.
We no longer have a roof on our balcony. The typhoon took it away!  We were awakened at about 5am to hear the ripping of it and see chunks of it fly away a piece at a time.  We didn’t sleep well and it was scary..  but it was exciting too.  We stayed inside.  When we were going to go out, the elders called and were said, “Yes we are outside.  You don’t want to be outside.  Stay inside.  We are headed back home."  I guess stuff was flying through the air.  Then it became a rule to stay inside.  An adventure to be sure! 

A member gave us a beautiful plant to put on our balcony.  Little did we know the plant was actually a Trojan Horse!  That thing brought so many ants into our apartment!  So we dumped that.  Ha!  Problem solved.  Now we have a beautiful aloe plant instead of a mint one. 

A snippet from my letter to president:
Hello President!  If happiness is who you are with, I am floating on a cloud.  A rainy stormy cloud but it’s more fun that way. The typhoon ripped the roof right off our balcony but we are okay.  Something to write home about.  I heard about the papaya trees being ripped out-- a disappointment to us all. 辛苦你們。 I'm doing well, Sister Howard is a dream, and in Ping Dong we finally have another baptism date!
In fact, that is my miracle this week!  FINALLY someone accepted an invitation!  We wanted to cry!  And then one wonderful family told us this week that they really believed they should be baptized, but felt they needed to come to church before they could commit to that!  Well ya,  we agreed and the family came with three sons!  We are happy little clams down here.  I feel like we're going to get all the dates set up and then.. then I will move.  It always happens like that but it's okay.  I'll still be so excited for them.  Actually I was disappointed in our numbers this week (typhoons cancelled about 7 lessons) but then I started thinking about it and I was like, wait, when I first got to PingDong and we were working so hard I would have loved even having 6 peikes!  So then we counted our blessings this week, and everyone set up for next week. 

Blah blah I said more things to President..

Moving on! 

Oh ya and I am singing in Zone Conference this week. By myself.  Scary!  It was going be a duet but I couldnt get anyone to sing with me... -__-

Also, the Elders gave us thier blender this week because they “weren’t using it".  Actually,  We are pretty sure they used it everyday but they felt bad for my stomach hurting so they were trying to help.. sweet.  I'm loving it though. 

Well.  That’s all!
Love ya. 
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