Monday, November 24, 2014

So this week was good. 

I asked a member to read Ether 12. He came back and said, "Sooo until now I thought Ether was a girl." hahaha.


We have a new person investigating the church. He basically walked into church and was like, "I'm glad you contacted me (us too), and I want a closer relationship with God (we can help with that), and I want more peace in my life (and that), and what I really want is help to quit smoking (definitely with that) because I know God doesn't want me smoking (right again), that's why I quit drinking (baptism date anyone?). 

So that's going well. :)
Also, my dear sweet investigator is coming to church and came to a fireside last night.  She's being really brave and standing up for what she believes, even among her family.  I'm so proud of her.  I love that girl so much.  Sister Allred saw her at the mission-wide fireside and started crying. Then I saw Sister Allred and starting crying.  Sue me.  This mission has made me soft like putty.  I just like to think that I'm becoming more like Elder Scott and therefore more Christlike #hatergunnahate. 


So I had to go to the dentist. You can imagine how fun that was. The woman on the phone was like, "are you sure you want to come to our earliest spot?  It's reeeaaally early. It's before 8am." I laughed.  Ya lady, I'm sure it's okay.  The saddest part though was trying to teach with my lopsided & numb mouth ( we have investigators who forgive drool. I testify they have true charity in their hearts) and that I forgot my goodie bag with the free toothbrush! *Sigh* So disappointing... that free floss was gettin' me through the drilling. 

But, turns out the dentist was a member so I taught him our ward mission strategy and then committed him to reading The Power of the Everyday Missionary before I left that chair. Good times. 


All we do is teach teach teach no matter what. We've had three dinners as a companionship. We're repenting because I believe dinner is important, but we just had too many appointments! Souls to save, yadda yadda.  One day we had five hours of lessons in a row without a break.  The member was going to drive us home at the end, but we all just wanted to lay on the church floor for a minute and be not moved until the last day. 

We almost never eat a member’s houses but they just keep bringing us food!  Like donuts. For dinner.  Sharma. Fried Oreos.  Authentic Chinese food.  Oh, the struggle is real. 

But really, I have not breathed in days. 


So! My friend Serafina I've been teaching is coming to you parents to spend Christmas with you!  Yay she's super excited.  She told me this week,  “Ya you are awesome, but you're family is even more awesome.  That must be where you get it from.  I can't believe you're family is even better" . Woah better?  Let's slow down with the enthusiasm there. 

But that's the week in a nut shell!  Being a missionary is great.  The people are great.  Seattle is cold and great.  My district and zone leaders are great, and that always makes a difference.  Today is zone sports day and I'm mentally prepared to make people cry (kidding. I scream and run).  Every week my letter to presidents is like, "this is great, this is great, this is great."  But it's all great. 

So that's great. 

Thank you for your love and support! 

Love you all. 

P.s. Turns out I didn't get to go to the Russian area, but I got to give my Sister Training Leader the royal tour of what living downtown is like (we're the only Sisters in the mission without a car). So that was fun. 

A few minutes ago Sister Kopta and I used our talents... we picked up bells left in the primary room and now are preeeety good a silent night. Lookout Mo-tab bell choir. 
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