Monday, November 24, 2014

     Ashley and new missionaries arriving and at the misson home.

Taiwan Taichung Mission, 2013-16

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11-19-14 New Arriving Missionaries!

Our long awaited missionaries have finally arrived!
APs lead the missionaries in the mission song:
President asks each missionaries to introduce themselves, where they were temporarily assigned to labor, what they learned, and what they hope to accomplish on their mission:
We love them so much already!
Breakfast at the mission home, after a short night's rest:

Morning orientation by Sis. Blickenstaff, Mission Recorder, Operations Manager (below):
Mission Secretary:
Financial Secretary:
Lunch at Wu Hua Ma:

After Sis. Blickenstaff's Health and Safety training,
a group of students came in from the street with the zone leader companionship!
AP's presented training on being Preach My Gospel missionaries...
...and contacting skills. Time to practice!

Peking Duck banquet:

Duck brain challenge takers:

Fish eye challenge takers:

After a longer night's rest, up and early for the mile run:

Sis. Blickenstaff leads the group in Buddha claps:
President leads in a few minutes of yoga:
After meeting their trainers, lunch at Hawaii 51:

Our newest Taiwan Taichung missionaries:

11-19-14 Trainer Meeting in Jiayi

President training the newly selected trainers for our 21 oncoming missionaries:

 They'll meet their new companions in two days!
 Getting some drinks...
 …and lunch before returning to their areas.

Monday, November 17, 2014

From Our Home Ward in Camarillo, California to Taiwan!

On September 25, instead of arriving in Taiwan, 21 of our missionaries awaiting visas arrived in missions across the United States in California, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington. This elder ended up in the Camarillo California Sixth Ward, our home ward!!! Here he is in front of our house:
At most every dinner appointment he is invited to, when the ward members find out he is waiting his visa to serve in the Taiwan Taichung Mission, they invariably ask if he knows that President and Sister Blickenstaff were members of the Camarillo Sixth Ward!
Sitting by the statue that reminds us of our three-year-old daughter Courtney, who awaits us in heaven!
We have patience and faith that we'll see her again. 
These 21 elders and sisters had to exercise patience and faith as well, that they'd one day see Taiwan... and they're finally coming to this beautiful island on Wednesday, November 19! We can hardly wait!

It's finally time for this Taiwan bound missionary to say goodbye to Bishop Charles Parry's family. They are truly an example to the ward of being missionary-minded members! In the plaid shirt is a young man we had opportunity to teach with the missionaries several years ago. Just last month, he was baptized into the ward after faithful members and missionaries continued to help him come unto Christ! We are so happy for him:)

Three Generations of Sister Missionaries Serving Concurrently: My Mother Has Entered The Mission Field!

At age 84, my mother was called to serve in the Taichung Taiwan Mission!!!

On November 10, Sister Madeline Jin Chao (far right), entered the mission field as a Senior missionary. She was the first one in my immediate family to accept baptism thirty eight years ago, in 1976. Our entire family was sealed in the Los Angeles temple in 1978, leading the way for all of her four children and three of her grandchildren thus far (soon to be four) to establish their own eternal families:) Sister Chao has had two sons, one daughter, two grandsons, and two granddaughters serve full-time missions.

What a legacy she has established for the Chao family!
It is so wonderful to serve with your spouse in the work of salvation, and lead the people you love, prepared sons and daughters of God, into the waters of baptism!
There is nothing quite like seeing your daughter grow to love and serve others as much as you love her:
Sister Caitlin Blickenstaff currently serves in the Seoul Korea South Mission.
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Pres. and Sis. Blickenstaff

Pres. and Sis. Blickenstaff 
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