Monday, November 24, 2014


This place is straight up crazy on Halloween. It's a several day long event, and sometimes its just ... creepy. What can I say, I live by a huge college campus. We had to deliver a Bible to someone on Greek Row on Halloween. As we walked down the street we noticed a huge party was going on, all from one house. Turns out that was the house that we were going to... so we tried to find the guy by asking the people that lived there standing outside if he was home (yup. We really thought this was a good idea). They were extremely happy to oblige.. and took the Bible from us and went up and handed it to the DJ who said, over the loud speaker, "Behold the Hooooly Bible" over his techno music. 


My Birthday: 

My birthday was probably the best birthday I've ever had. Sister Allred made me a cake out of Nutella and fruit and crepes with a candle and everything! We didn't have cream or a lighter... but oh well. Tasted good. Then we had a short exchange where we got to see our friend Sister Brooksby! That was so nice. Then we went on out to have a member lesson with some of my favorite members and heard one of the most beautiful testimonies I've ever heard in my life! I got to defend one guy from picking on Sister Imai (in my eyes). It was her last day in the mission field. 

Then then then, I got to teach Makaela! Which little did I know would be the last lesson with both my companions. So sad. But! It was one of the best lessons I think I'll ever have. We always tell her that we teach and talk to her like a member, because we do, and I really hope she knows that. Sister Allred GAVE HER HER SCRIPTURES! She gave her the quad she had had since she was eight with all of her notes and pictures because she felt impressed to. You can't tell me that's not amazing. Then, Makaela agreed to set a baptisimal date. We're just so happy for her. 

Then, as we were ending, the door flew open and all of the Elders and ward members walked in singing Happy Birthday with a big cake and food! So they threw a mini surprise party for me! AWWWW. Followed by Serafine (she's a member) who cooked a traditional Chinese meal! And a couple in the ward cooked us a whole fancy Chinese meal the day before too! It's just amazing!


Sunday was Sister Imai's last time in church and all these people got up to say what a difference she had made in thier lives. It was so touching. One man even got up and said he was on his way out to commit suicide when she stopped him on the street. She was so happy she made him angry, and so angry that he had to know why she was so dang happy. Now he's standing as a preist in church. It's amazing. 
After they all came together and made her a cake and cards and the Chinese classes practice I am Child of God and sand it for her. It was so cute. 


So at teh end of the night last night, we found out everyone was getting transfered or going home. Except me. So here I am, with two new companions, and the only one who knows that is happening in our area haha. It's fun kinda. Learning experinces. 

I apologize, this letter is not as snappy as my normal updates- but that's an update in a nutshell. Thank you so much for all you're letters and birthday notes. I love you all. 
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