Monday, November 24, 2014

Ashley is in Taiwan! 

Okay so right after I emailed you I got news that I WAS GOING TO TAIWAN!   So I'm sitting in an internet cafe drinking fresh grapefruit juice and enjoying myself on this sweaty day.   ain't too bad.  So ya! I am super stocked to be here.  Slightly worried because I don't speak Chinese, but, I've been able to answer questions in lessons correctly and that was a straight gift from the spirit, so I'm making it. 

I'm serving in Taichung in the Beitun area and life is fabulous.

My new trainer (I'm on trainer #5 mind you) is plenty nice and very caring.  She's from Maine and goes home three weeks before my training is done. But we should be together until February.  President asked us to start all 12 weeks of training over, even though we are week 9 because we don't speak Chinese (makes sense). Also, this means I will officially have six trainers. If I am not adequately trained by the end of this, it is my own fault.

My four month mark was yesterday [what in the world], and I'm already on companion #6.  And I the companion killer or something?  What's going on here. 

The Ten Adjustments of Taiwan, surprise surprise. 
  1. It's still 90 degrees here. And they keep calling it "winter". 
  2. That's not a hazy sunset, or fog outlining the buildings. That, that is smog my friend. Breathe in deep. 
  3. There is a hose for the shower. It has a shower head of the end but you have to hold it up to shower. 
  4. The toilet paper must go in the trashcan and not in the toilet. Their plumping can't handle the paper. I know what your next question is, but don't ask. 
  5. You can't drink the water. 
  6. I repeat, you can't drink the water. Not even the natives drink the water. All our water goes through three filters before we can drink the water. No water for you. 
  7. There is also no heat. But it looks like I'm not gunna need it anyways. 
  8. There are drums and street music everyday. Completely random, very loud street music. People keep telling me the music is for the election, for ads, from temples. I've taken this to mean no one really knows. I think I'm going to try proselyting this way. Quick, some one get me a float and a megaphone. 
  9. There is no such things as carpet here? I dont know. 
  10. It's a one hour bike ride to church #nobigdeal #thighpresser #walkitoff
It really is great though. Here are some fabulous parts of my week. 
  • Food. Food as far as the eye can see. 
  • 50 cent dinners. Hurrah for Israel. 
  • Bike Contacting. You pull up next to someone by the stop light and try to convince them to get baptized. I actually love it and don't speak Chinese yet.
  • Chinese. What a crazy fun language
  • Awesome pens
  • You can buy raccoons for pets!
  • I got a D&C with Chinese and English side by side
  • My president and his wife are the most fabulous things since hashtags #fab
My mission president is awesome

Like seriously, everything you could want in a president. Every week he wants us to write him and tell him about things we've learned specifically, and he has manageable but stretchable goals, and he explains where he is coming from, and he is caring and he is just a ball full of fabulous. They also have a second handbook for this mission, but after SEallte the rules seem lax and I'm glad someone wrote them down. So thoughtful. Also, His wife is also one of the most impressive women I've ever met. I am a lucky fortune cookie. 

It was funny because when Sister Blickenstaff was giving training she said, "Ya so expect food poisoning. Okay now this is what you do when you get it." What the. Also, we go to the hospital everytime we are sick here. Did you know it costs $15 to get an ambulance ride and an MRI and a cat scan? What are we doing wrong...? 

Story of our Visas

Turns out all of our visa stuff was about them not liking us giving them material instead of digital forms... goodness gracious.  Then we sent in too many visas (because we were behind) so they freaked out for a bit.  Also, I found out Monday afternoon that I was going to Taiwan, but everyone else in other missions knew for five days before lol. Ohhh it's an adventure. 


Ya so I was able to ask/answer questions and sorta-kinda-a little follow what were were talking about!  And hey, I'm gunna count that as a great success.  I had to get up and introduce myself in sacrament and share a story.  The members said they could understand me so... win?  Who knows if they were being nice.  I can understand more than I can say, but I think I at least know what is happening around me most of the time. It's hard. 

Funny story: This week I had to tell my trainer that she has to say Ba1 not Ba4 for the number eight. She asked why and I was like well... When you just said that last phone number... you sorta just cussed at that person. She freaked out and was like, "Why did no one ever tell me that???" haha so ya.  Adventure in Chinese. 

Anyways, that's my week in a nutshell!  I love you all!  Thanks so much for supporting and writing me! :) 

We are only allowed picture on P-day and special occasions, so I'll send you more next time! I forgot my cord today. post signature

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