Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Week

It sufficient me to say that my companion and I felt prompted to this seemingly random house, that ended up being a less active family- with teenage sons and everything. We knocked on her door and I told her that she had prayed me here [in broken Chinese] and before she could be healed she had to come back to church so that The Lord could bless her.  She started bawling. Then I asked her if in the name of Jesus Christ if she would come back to church and she said, "bu yianyi", which means, "not willing". 

Her sons and husband were just starting at her.  It was heartbreaking.  We told the Elder's Quorum president about it and he said that he hadn’t even ever of heard of them, but that he would go over immediately. 

What else can you do? 

Here is a clip from my letter to President: 

Hello! Hope you are well! Things are going well here! I have employed a couple of the members to help me during language study time once or twice a week. It has been great for ward unity and with helping me improve my Chinese. Companion is good, area is good. Good is good. Good good. 

This week I was reading the Book of Mormon, and I just kept reading Enos over and over. I'm not sure why really. I decided I was going to do all my investigators commitments with them- read the parts I asked them to read, go to the meetings we asked them to, and pray about the things we asked them to.  I want them to know we support them every step of the way.  Anyway, I was most struck by how much labor Enos did to receive just a phrase from The Lord, and I think often I forget that that is exactly how a new  member feels sometimes. 

Miracles- I have had two great miracles! (1) We felt like needed to go a certain park so we went, and a man flagged us down. He went through every question on the question track and at the end said, "Well... my minister told me you were a bad church. But... I will tell you the truth.  I read the Book of Mormon completely a few years ago but didnt have the faith.  I think... I think I will read it again.  And I will see your church for myself.  Can I have to address?"  And (2) I passed off two lessons this week of phase one! I could never have done it without The Lords help.  He gives me strength far far beyond me own. 

Weird Food Wednesday is alive and well. 

But unexpected this week.  So, I steamed some broccoli for lunch Wednesday.  Here I go, to bite it, and I see... a silk worm!  Freshly steamed. Poor thing.  I pick that off. 

Oh wait, then another. Gross. 

Then another. Another. A whole nest of them!  The inside of the broccoli looks like a spider web but its really just silk worms! But I was so hungry so I thought I would just eat the stalk. But alas, there are tons of tiiiny tiny holes in it. 

No broccoli for me. 

I ended up eating dinner in a hole in the wall (like everyday) and I was watching this cockroach run up and down the wall. Then I realized I was happily eating in a restraunt with cockraches running up the wall and I wasnt even bothered. A mission changes you people. [I can hear the line in my head going, "you've changed!]

This next week is the English Christmas Party, and a musical number, and guess what! I have progressing investigators! So... more exciting news coming this next week! 

Love you all! 
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